10 Majestic E-Bike Trails for Breathtaking Scenic Rides

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  6 min read

In the realm where human innovation meets the splendor of Mother Nature, a stunning synthesis emerges in the form of e-biking trails. E-bikes offer an ideal way to explore the adventurous beauty of these majestic trails in a laid-back style. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking intense undulating slopes, a beginner keen to experience the calming serenity of flat trails, or someone in between the two extremes, there’s a trail out there waiting for your discovery. From the enchanted landscapes of Vermont to the alien-like terrain of Moab, this journey into the heart of ten majestic e-biking trails will leave you craving more.

Kingdom Trails, Vermont

Kingdom Trails in East Burke, Vermont is an absolute bucket-list item for any e-bike enthusiast looking to up their biking game and embark on an extraordinary adventure.

This breathtaking interconnected trail system has been consistently ranked as one of the top mountain biking destinations in the country that every e-biker must experience for themselves.

But what exactly makes Kingdom Trails such an unmissable e-bike adventure?

Champion of Trails: With over a hundred miles of curated trails intricately designed in the stunningly vibrant landscape of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, there are thrills for everyone who dares to take on this winding ride. From the rush of descending through dense forest glades to that sudden breath-stealing view from atop a hill, these trails cater to bikers of all skill levels.

Enthralling Terrain Diversity: The Kingdom Trails offers a compelling mix of thrilling downhills, challenging climbs, scenic vistas, and a delightful dose of Vermont’s natural beauty all year round. It’s not just a test for your e-bike but also a refreshing treat for your senses, allowing you to sightsee and bike through lush forests, open farmlands, grassy terrains, and whimsical winding river trails.

Community Vibes: One of the unique features of Kingdom Trails is the amazing camaraderie and sense of community. While cruising through private lands, much handiwork is visible by both seasoned and novice riders who share a common love for e-biking. These trails not only offer an exceptional biking experience but also have nurtured a vibrant community of bikers who have come together to contribute to and maintain these trails.

Perfect Balance of Track Types: Kingdom Trails are known for their variety of track types that caters to every kind of e-biker. From fast and furious downhill tracks that demand full attention and dexterity to more laid-back, easy-rolling paths perfect for beginners; from tight corners that test your maneuvering skills to scenic routes where you can leisurely enjoy Vermont’s breathtaking landscapes.

Top-Notch Maintenance: The impeccable maintenance of these trails deserves a special mention. The Kingdom Trails Association has devoted a massive amount of effort in keeping these trails in pristine condition for peak riding experience – clean, clear and preserved to perfection.

Authentic Local Flavors: A day’s adventurous ride on the trails can culminate in a heartwarming celebration of Vermont’s local flavors. A visit to East Burke village will reward you with a taste of Vermont’s best local food and craft beers. It’s an experience that perfectly suits the e-biker’s fun and invigorating lifestyle.

Kingdom Trails is more than just a network of simple routes. It’s a paradise crafted immaculately for e-bikers, embracing the indomitable spirit of mountain biking. Its holistic charm, traversing through beautiful landscapes, surging with energy, and locking in wonderful memories, is truly what makes Kingdom Trails an unmissable e-bike adventure!

A picturesque view of a winding trail surrounded by lush forests and vibrant landscapes

Moab, Utah

Free-Riding Freedom: Remarkably, Moab, Utah is well-known as the birthplace of freeriding – an e-biking trend that combines the adrenaline rush of downhill racing with the unexpected thrill of natural, unpaved trails. Embrace this novel style of e-biking on Moab’s hallowed tracks, where ever-evolving routes keep the excitement fresh and invigorating.

Backroad Adventures: Take a break from the beaten path and embark upon the numerous backroads Moab offers. These paths weave their way through towering sandstone formations, following the course of the Colorado river, and leading to hidden oases, unveiling the truly remarkable beauty of nature.

Exclusive E-Bike rental services: Moab boasts a selection of premium e-bike rental shops which offer a range of top-class electric bikes. These outfitters can help outfit your ride with the best equipment, ensuring your trails are blazing, efficient, and safe.

Family-friendly Fun: Moab does not confine its biking allure solely to the serious enthusiasts – it has plenty to offer to the families too. Children can cut their biking teeth on the myriad of beginner trails, while the adults can relish the more challenging tracks, making a biking holiday in Moab a beautiful family memory.

Climate Compatibility: While most biking destinations have their seasonal peaks and troughs, Moab stands out with a majority of its trails remaining bikeable year-round. The cooler winters only add a new perspective to the trails, making your biking experience as vivacious as ever.

Camping Delight: E-bikers who indulge in multi-day trails have the option of comfortable camping along the biking routes. Nothing beats the experience of a scenic sunset ride, a starlit campfire dinner, and a night under the bold, beautiful sky of Moab before hitting the trails again the next morning.

Picturesque Photography: Moab presents stunning, diverse scenery at every turn: towering red rock formations, meandering rivers, snow-capped peaks, and panoramic desert vistas. It’s a haven for amateur and professional photographers alike, offering numerous opportunities to capture your e-biking memories amidst the spectacular backdrop.

Incredible Off-Bike Activities: When you are done with shredding the trails for the day, Moab still keeps you engaged with an array of outdoor activities – from rock climbing and river rafting to hiking, there is always something more to keep your adrenaline pumping.

Uniquely, Moab provides an e-biking experience that is a fusion of sporting thrill, a rendezvous with nature, a hearty community experience, and jovial family fun – all enhancing the allure of e-biking and ensuring that every e-biking enthusiast leaves with unforgettable memories and a yearning to return.

A stunning image of the red rock formations of Moab, Utah, with the Colorado river flowing through it and a person riding an e-bike on a trail.

Each e-biking trail carries its unique charm and challenges, from Vermont’s enchanting countryside to Utah’s arresting desert landscapes. These paths are not just about adventure or exercise, they offer a chance to reset, reflect, and reconnect with nature. The panoramic views, the rugged slopes, and the tranquil flatlands, all contribute to an experience that is both exhilarating and serene. Our tour of these ten majestic e-biking trails is merely a prelude. The real adventure begins with the whirring sound of your e-bike and the trail under your wheels, as you set out to discover magnificence, one ride at a time.

Matt Powell