10 Tips for Better Electric Skateboard User Experience

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  5 min read

Stepping onto the world of electric skateboarding can be both thrilling and daunting. The power to glide down the streets, effortlessly navigating through people, and exploring new routes creates an unparalleled sense of freedom. However, grasping the mechanics of an electric skateboard is no small feat. The choice of the board to aftercare, everything plays a crucial role in shaping your riding experience. The right board, maintenance practices, and safety measures hold the key to a superior user experience, turning your rides into thrilling escapades. Mastering these aspects requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to learn.

Pick the Right Board Type

Getting the right electric skateboard isn’t a simple process of selecting the coolest design or most affordable board. Far from it! Several essential factors come into play that determine the perfect fit. Knowledge is power, and this is certainly the case when picking your ideal electric skateboard. So let’s delve into the nitty-gritty and understand this thrilling hobby better.

The first thing to grasp is the significance of the range. The range of an electric skateboard refers to how far you can go on a single charge. Depending on your intended journey lengths, you’ll need to pick a board with a suitable range for your needs. Notwithstanding, consider that factors like weight, terrain, and speed can affect the board’s real-life range.

Next comes speed. Speed is a personal preference for everyone and is often influenced by one’s comfort and skill level. So, it’s best to first decide on the desired speed before hitting purchase!

The skateboard’s weight is also crucial. Picture lugging around a hefty electric skateboard everywhere! The weight of the board has to be manageable, especially if commuting or carrying it around forms part of the daily schedule. Besides, lighter boards significantly enhance usability and portability without compromising on power.

On to the deck material! Deck material largely affects the board’s performance and comfort. For instance, a bamboo deck offers natural flex and shock absorption, while a carbon fiber deck provides sturdiness and durability. Like the speed, this boils down to personal preference and ride comfort.

Terrain adaptability is another critical factor. If the board will be used mostly in urban environments, then a street wheel should suffice. But for those craving off-road adventures, an all-terrain wheel would do wonders!

Lastly, the remote control used to manage the board’s speed and brakes needs easy maneuvering. Some come with screens displaying vital stats, adding to the overall experience.

In the world of electric skateboarding, there’s a fit for everyone. By paying attention to these points, the fan club of electric skateboarding will be joined well-prepared, with a board that complies to needs, skill level, and ride comfort. Happy riding!

An image of an electric skateboard with a person riding it.

Maintain your Skateboard Regularly

Keeping your electric skateboard in peak operating condition not only prolongs its life but also ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride every time. By regularly maintaining your e-board, you can enhance your overall user experience significantly. Here are some reasons why regular maintenance is so important:

Highlighting Safety

The safety aspect is paramount when it comes to any sporting equipment, more so with an electric skateboard. Take time to inspect and tighten all screws and fasteners before each ride. Damaged or badly worn out parts should be replaced promptly. This reduces the chances of accidents and injuries during your ride.

Preventing Unnecessary Wear and Tear

Regular maintenance checks help you identify and fix minor problems before they become serious. A small issue, untreated, can end up damaging even the most reliable of electric skateboards.

Upholding Board Performance

An e-board’s performance may decline over time due to riding stresses and weathering, but with consistent care, its function can remain optimal. Battery care is essential here, as recharge cycles and proper storage can significantly affect the board’s power output. Always charge your board after use and unplug it when it’s fully charged to avoid overcharging damages.

Ensuring Consistent Rides

Regularly cleaning and lubricating your skateboard’s wheels and bearings ensures your e-board operates smoothly. This is important for a consistent and comfortable ride. Residues of dirt or dust can build up over time, diminishing the board’s stability and responsiveness.

Keeping the Connection Secure

Regular maintenance also includes the skateboard’s remote control. Ensure your remote is cleaned and its batteries are charged. A negligence here not only drops the response rate but also disrupts the rider’s connection with their e-board.

Prolonging Board Life

Regular tune-ups not only keep your e-boarding experience enjoyable but also extend the life of your board. The longer your board lasts, the better the return on your investment.

In conclusion, while choosing the right skateboard may seem like the biggest task, keeping it in top shape is equally vital. A well-maintained electric skateboard is not just a ride; it opens doors to endless entertainment and adventures you wouldn’t want to miss!

A person cleaning the wheels of an electric skateboard

Having shared some profound insights on electric skateboarding, it’s easy to deduce that the ride experience goes beyond just stepping on the board. It encapsulates your choice of the board type, its consistent upkeep, and your proactive commitment to safety. Each ride on your e-board is a chance to either define or refine your skateboard experience. These tips serve as the foundational bricks to your electric skateboarding journey, and adhering to them can ensure a smoother, safer, and enjoyable ride every time. Embrace them, and you’ll stand to transform your ordinary ride into an extraordinary journey.

Matt Powell