7 Best Electric Skateboard Safety Features to Keep You Riding with Confidence

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  7 min read

Riding the wave of technology and thrill, electric skateboards have become the go-to for urban adventurers seeking an adrenaline rush. As enthusiasts like you dive into the world of these high-powered boards, safety stands paramount among the exciting features they offer. With advancements galore, understanding the nuances of skateboarding tech, such as the regenerative braking systems and ingenious remote controls, will not only enhance your ride but also ensure that every journey remains in the realm of fun, away from peril. Let’s explore these captivating safety features that are pivotal in revolutionizing the electric skateboard experience.

Regenerative Braking System

When it comes to electric skateboarding, the innovation of regenerative braking has been nothing short of revolutionary. Not only does it offer a sustainable edge by reclaiming energy, but it also adds a layer of safety that’s paramount when cruising around town or hitting the pavement with more adventurous zeal. Here’s the scoop on how regenerative braking is a game-changer for electric skateboard enthusiasts.

Harnessing Kinetic Energy – Normally, when you hit the brakes on traditional vehicles or even conventional skateboards, all that kinetic energy – the energy of motion – turns into heat due to friction, and effectively it’s gone. However, with regenerative braking on an electric skateboard, when you start to slow down, the system cleverly converts that kinetic energy back into electrical energy, which is then fed back into the battery. It’s like giving your skateboard a sip of energy drink every time you slow down.

Extended Range – Thanks to the energy-recuperating prowess of regenerative braking, electric skateboarders enjoy extra mileage. Fewer worries about finding an outlet in the middle of a journey means more freedom and longer, uninterrupted rides. Sure, it depends on factors like terrain and riding style, but every bit of saved energy counts.

Smoother Riding Experience – Regenerative braking systems often come hand-in-hand with sophisticated speed controllers, ensuring gradual and controlled deceleration. This offers a smoother ride because the braking feels more natural and less abrupt – a total plus for those new to electric skateboarding or those tackling tricky routes.

Enhanced Control – Quick stops aren’t just a matter of convenience; they’re crucial for safety. With regenerative braking, riders have more precise control over the skateboard’s speed. In congested urban areas or during emergencies, quick reaction times make all the difference. Riders can confidently navigate through complex paths, knowing their braking system is responsive and reliable.

Less Wear and Tear – Mechanical brakes are notorious for wearing out over time. Pads and discs need replacing, and sometimes things can get squeaky or unresponsive. With regenerative braking, since there’s less reliance on purely mechanical systems, the brakes undergo less physical stress. This translates to not only fewer maintenance runs but also cost savings in the long haul.

Reducing Dependence on Charging Stations – The sustainability angle is not to be ignored. Every time you brake, you’re extending the time until your next charge. Urban skaters, in particular, can appreciate fewer detours to the nearest power outlet. Plus, it’s all good for the environment when you’re using less grid power to juice up.

Improved Efficiency in Various Conditions – Descending hills could be a concern with non-regenerative systems since continuous braking can lead to overheated brakes. But with regenerative braking, long descents become opportunities to recharge and manage speed without the risk of brake fade or failure. It’s a win-win for energy conservation and safety.

In essence, regenerative braking doesn’t just conserve energy; it elevates the electric skateboarding experience by providing a synergy of efficient energy use and user safety benefits. A careful blend of physics, electronics, and smart design allows riders to take on longer expeditions and complex terrains while fostering an involved and sustainable riding culture. Whether for daily commutes or leisurely rides, regenerative braking systems push electric skateboards a notch higher, crafting a ride that’s as thoughtful about energy as it is about thrill and adventure.

Electric Skateboarding - A person riding an electric skateboard on a street.

Remote Control with a Dead-man Switch

When it comes to electric skateboarding, thrill and convenience often take the spotlight. However, there’s a critical aspect that should never take a back seat: safety. That’s where a remote control with a dead-man switch becomes an indispensable ally for the enthusiast. It’s not just a fancy feature; it’s a lifeline that keeps the ride safe and sound.

Accidental Runaway Prevention

Picture this – a skateboard that suddenly surges forward without a rider. It’s not just embarrassing; it’s dangerous. A dead-man switch ensures that the electric skateboard doesn’t take off on a solo venture if it accidentally slips away. Once the rider lets go of the switch, the board comes to a halt, preventing possible injuries to bystanders and damage to the board itself.

Emergency Stopping Capability

Imagine whizzing by and needing to stop immediately due to unforeseen obstacles or dangers. With a traditional remote, stopping on a dime isn’t always guaranteed. A dead-man switch, however, is engineered for such split-second responses. Releasing the switch causes the skateboard to slow down quickly and safely, giving precision and dependability during those heart-stopping moments.

Focused Riding

Knowing the board responds instantly to your grip gives the confidence to remain fully engaged in the ride. Distractions are everywhere, and a momentary lapse could lead to a mishap. The dead-man switch acts like an attentive co-pilot, ensuring that focus is maintained throughout the ride. It’s not just about staying safe; it’s about enjoying the ride with a peace of mind.

Intuitive User Experience

The beauty of a device such as this lies in its simplicity. It aligns perfectly with our natural reactions – if startled or losing balance, the hand naturally opens, activating the switch. This innate response mechanism adds an intuitive layer of safety that does not rely on complex movements or thought processes.

Personal Accountability

As electric skateboarding grows in popularity, it’s crucial to demonstrate responsible riding, especially in urban areas. A remote with a dead-man switch promotes a culture of personal accountability, showcasing a commitment to the safety of oneself and those around. It sends a message – riders are aware, in control, and prepared for the unexpected.

Training and Skill Development

For beginners, the learning curve can be steep and intimidating. A dead-man switch offers a safety net while acquiring the feel of acceleration and braking dynamics. It allows for a gradual increase in skill without the constant fear of losing control, making it a fantastic tool for skill development as one transition from a novice to a seasoned pro.

In the realm of electric skateboarding, where innovation and exhilaration continuously push the boundaries, a remote control with a dead-man switch isn’t just a tool; it’s a vital appendage that keeps the ride safe without sacrificing the fun. It stands as a guardian, a teacher, and a confidant, ensuring that every journey on the board is as secure as it is thrilling.

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Empowering modern riders with sophisticated technology, electric skateboards metaphorically glide into the future, offering both pleasure and peace of mind. With a firm grasp of the vital safety features like regenerative braking and dead-man switches, you’re not just enjoying a leisure ride but participating in a sustainable and responsible skateboarding culture. It’s clear that these innovations serve as the cornerstone for both new riders and seasoned enthusiasts to continually push the limits of electric skateboarding while prioritizing safety, ensuring that every journey concludes as smoothly as it begins.

Matt Powell