8 Must-Have High Torque Motors for Electric Skateboards

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  8 min read

Electric skateboarding is not just a means of transportation, it’s a lifestyle. Embracing the futuristic blend of technology and excitement, it captivates enthusiasts worldwide. At the heart of each electrifying ride are the motors, diligently working to push the boundaries of speed and reliability. As a skateboarder aspiring to master the art and science of the sport, understanding high torque motors is paramount. With powerhouses such as the Maytech 6374 170KV, the Flipsky 6354, and the TORQUEBOARDS 6374 190KV, skateboard enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. These incredible machines, each with its unique set of features and advantages, ensure a superior skateboarding experience. Embrace the journey as we dive deep into the world of high torque motors for Electric Skateboards.

The Powerhouse: Maytech 6374 170KV Brushless Outrunner Sensored Motor

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that an electric skateboarder in possession of a decent board will be in want of more power. Who doesn’t love the thrill of speed and the feeling of dominating the roads? However, when considering significant power for your electric skateboard, there are quite a slew of things to think about.

First things first

Your thrill-seeking heart might be yearning for speed, but it’s essential to prioritize safety over all else. If you’re new to electric skateboarding or have mainly been cruising at a leisurely pace, a sudden surge in power can take you by surprise. It’s crucial to stay within your comfort zone and gradually increase your e-skate’s power as your skills improve.

Next up, think about the terrain

Do your skateboarding adventures mostly take place in the flatlands or are uphill battles more your style? Higher power equals better performance on rugged inclines and uneven terrain. So, if you’re regularly tackling inclines, it might be worth considering an electric skateboard with more power.

Another tidbit to chew on is the type of motor your skateboard has

Most electric skateboards have either hub motors or belt drive systems. Each has its own pros and cons, with hub motors being generally quieter and providing a more authentic skateboarding feeling. Belt-drives, however, offer more power and better heat dissipation, which is a huge plus if you’re planning to up your game with higher speeds.

Consider also, the longevity of the battery

More power means more battery drainage. A larger and more powerful battery usually means a longer lifespan and better longevity. However, they are usually higher in price and can make the board heavier. Make sure to gain a good balance between power and battery life for your specific needs and preferences.

Finally, never forget the importance of maintenance

More power means more strain on your electric skateboard’s components. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your board running smoothly and to help ensure it has the lifespan you would want.

All in all, adding significant power to your electric skateboard can be an exhilarating experience, boosting both your speed and your skateboarding prowess. However, it’s crucial that this decision is approached with safety in mind – steady progression is always the safest bet! Always remember, it’s not just about the ride, but also the rider’s skill that determines the thrill of skateboarding.

An image of an electric skateboard rider confidently cruising down a road with excitement.

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The Silent Workhorse: Flipsky 6354 High Performance Brushless DC Motor

The Power of Silence: Trustworthy Motors for Electric Skateboarding

After scrutinizing performance and power aspects of electric skateboarding, it’s clear that silence speaks volumes in this swiftly escalating world. If you’re seeking that smooth, stealthy ride, pondering on a motor that produces minimal noise should be on your agenda. This not only conserves the serene ambiance of your neighborhood but also heightens your own on-deck experience.

A silent motor doesn’t mean it’s less mighty. On the contrary, many quiet motors pack heavy-duty power and speed. For the budding and veteran skateboarder alike, this means a silky, non-disruptive ride without compromising on the exhilarating feel of electric skateboarding. A slick spin combined with the comforting tranquility that a silent motor provides is indeed an irresistible combo!

While the desire for a silent motor may convert your gaze towards hub motors, given their quieter operation compared to the belt drives, keep in mind the performance and durability. It’s not moot to mention that with the quieter operation often, there’s a trade-off in the torque provided. Evaluate your needs and strike a balance between these factors.

Spec’ing out a silent motor includes the consideration of controller compatibility. The skateboard controller is pivotal in determining the efficiency of your motor, along with the ride’s overall smoothness. Prioritize a controller that syncs seamlessly with your motor, ensuring no jerky movements or sudden jolts to disrupt your experience.

Reverberating on the previously mentioned aspects, let’s not forget the power of precision tuning. Refinement in adjusting your electric skateboard settings enhances the competency of the motor, and yes, betters the silence too! Tuning aids in removing unnecessary vibrations, reducing noise, and perfecting the board’s performance overall.

One thing that cannot be overstated is the ramifications of a silent motor on rider perception and response. Since auditory feedback is diminished, extra caution must always be taken when observing the skateboard’s performance.

Notwithstanding, don’t let the quest for silence make you overlook the need for motor maintenance. Regardless of how quiet your motor is, regular upkeep is non-negotiable for any electric skateboard.

Choosing a silent electric skateboard motor is indeed about merging power with peace. It’s carefully weighing up all aspects to arrive at a sweet spot that caters to your unique wants and needs. A silent motor can indeed be your trusted ally, providing powerful performance wrapped up in a whisper.

Remember, a silent skateboard does not make a silent skateboarder. Your passion, skills, and love for electric skateboarding will always resonate loud and clear. So, skate on and let your commitment to your hobby be your unique echo, while your skateboard glides in hushed harmony.

A person riding an electric skateboard in complete silence, reflecting the power of a silent motor.

The Efficiency Conqueror: TORQUEBOARDS 6374 190KV Motor

Venturing into the nuances of skateboard motors can be as thrilling as nailing a new trick or finding a fresh track to ride on. As an ebboard enthusiast, appreciating the technology beneath the board allows for a more immersive riding experience.

Of paramount importance to some riders is the smooth whisper of a quiet motor beneath their feet; a silent sentinel that facilitates their journey. Silent motors in electric skateboarding are a boon; they allow an almost seamless interaction with the environs, merging power and serenity as one cruises through town. However, remember that even these silent motors can serve up some serious power, providing you with a high-performance ride devoid of raucous revving.

Digging a bit deeper, we understand the varying levels of noise generation when it comes to skateboard motors. Hub motors, being embedded in the wheels themselves, tend to operate with lower noise levels compared to their belt-driven counterparts. However, do bear this in mind: the unique configurations of belt drives may offer more torque and varied gearing options wherein the performance could outweigh the noise concerns.

The complexity of electric skateboards does not end at the motor alone. One must also bear in mind the vital role of controller compatibility. This can significantly affect your skateboard’s performance – having a synchronous relationship between your board’s motor and controller is key to a fluid ride.

Precision tuning of the mechanical elements within the board, especially with motors and gears, leads to a tangible difference in performance. It also reduces undesirable sound, leading to a more tranquil and enjoyable ride. It’s much akin to fine-tuning a musical instrument; every adjustment brings you one step closer to perfect harmony.

Nevertheless, remember that with less noise comes less auditory feedback. This necessitates the rider’s utmost awareness and caution while riding at high speeds or in busy areas; a silent board might not alert pedestrians as effectively to your approach.

Just as a finely tuned car needs regular servicing, skateboards, especially those with high-performance motors, require periodic maintenance. Keeping key components, such as bearings, well lubricated, and the motor and gear parts clean, can preserve not just your board’s longevity but also keep its operation quiet.

Every rider is seeking their own perfect balance between power and tranquillity. Where one skateboarder might find joy in the hum of a powerful motor beneath, another finds equal thrill in the Peace of a near-silent glide. The choice is deeply personal and feeds into the passion behind every successful ride.

Ultimately, the beauty of electric skateboarding lies not only in the advancemenats of technology but also within the zealous hearts of those who steer them. It is the skateboarder’s passion and skills that truly bring life to the ride, regardless of the specifications of the board beneath. The love for the sport and devotion to improving one’s riding skills shines just as bright, if not brighter, than the gleam on perfectly maintained gears.

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The realm of electric skateboarding can be as thrilling as you dare to make it! A significant part of this exhilaration comes from high torque motors that promise superior performance. The Maytech 6374 170KV, the Flipsky 6354, and the TORQUEBOARDS 6374 190KV stand out for their power, efficiency, and overall performance. They extend beyond the realms of traditional skateboarding, harnessing the power of technology to offer an electric skateboarding experience that is second to none. As we embrace the future with these leading-edge motors, we not only enhance our skateboarding experience, but we also redefine what it means to glide on the pavement in a truly modern way!

Matt Powell