9 Best Electric Skateboards for Beginners

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  8 min read

Mastering a new skill is an exciting endeavor, particularly when it pertains to learning how to ride the best electric skateboards for beginners. Whether you’re searching for a new hobby or a more eco-friendly mode of transportation, getting started with electric skateboarding can be both thrilling and challenging. This essay aims to simplify this process by breaking down the critical details, from understanding the basics of electric skateboarding to reviewing the top skateboards on the market for novice riders. Let us embark on this exhilarating journey together that enables us to inch closer towards an eco-friendly future, while also enjoying a great new way to get around town.

Understanding the basics of electric skateboarding

First off, it’s worth highlighting that electric skateboarding is more than just a cool gadget for tech enthusiasts or a toy for kids. Over time, it has evolved into a fascinating hobby and a legitimate means of urban transportation. If you’ve ever been enthralled by the sight of someone zooming past you on one of these, you might have wondered what goes into such a machine. So, let’s dive deep into the world of electric skateboards and dissect their basic components and functionalities.


The deck is the board that you stand on. It comes in various sizes, shapes, and materials to cater to different riding styles. Mini decks are lightweight and easy to carry, while long decks provide stability and comfort during long rides. Many decks are made of Canadian maple, bamboo, and sometimes additional materials like fiberglass for extra durability and flexibility.


The motor is the life source of an electric skateboard. These can either be hub motors or belt-driven motors, each with its unique advantages. Hub motors are quieter and demand less maintenance than belt-driven motors. However, belt-driven motors are traditional favorites due to their superior torque and easier wheel customization.


Electric skateboards ride on “juice” supplied by rechargeable batteries. The battery choice significantly impacts the skateboard’s performance, determining the overall distance covered and speed attained. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used due to their weight, cost, and efficient power delivery.


Wheels determine your ride’s comfort and traction. Soft wheels provide a smooth ride on rough surfaces but wear out relatively quickly. Hard wheels last longer, but the ride can be quite bumpy on uneven roads. Urethane is a popular material used for electric skateboard wheels due to its grip and durability, even at high speeds.


Trucks connect the wheels to the deck and play a key role in the board’s steering and stability. Electric skateboard trucks are generally wider than regular skateboard trucks, offering better balance at high speeds.

ESC (Electronic Speed Controller):

The ESC is the brain of the electric skateboard. It translates the input from the remote control by adjusting the motor’s speed and direction, allowing you to smoothly control your pace and direction.

Remote Control:

An essential tool in an electric skateboarder’s arsenal, these handheld devices allow you to control the speed and direction of the board. Most feature a simple trigger, thumb-wheel, or slide mechanism to control your ride.

With these components working in harmony, you can truly appreciate the seamless experience of riding an electric skateboard. While getting to grips with how each part functions is an integral part of the hobby, remember that the ultimate goal is to enjoy the ride! Whether you’re commuting to work, cruising the boardwalk on a sunny day, or even taking a trip to the grocery store, the world of electric skateboarding is a sport and hobby wrapped up in one electrifying package. Happy riding!

Diagram illustrating the components of an electric skateboard

Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard is a little gem for beginners planning to venture into the sport. This fantastic board adeptly marries premium technology with practical design, making it an ideal choice for neophytes in the world of electric skateboarding. Here’s why:

Simplicity of Design:

The Boosted Mini x is intentionally designed to be simple and user-friendly. There’s no confusing assortment of features or complicated interfaces to navigate, which can overwhelm beginners. Instead, its clean, minimal design makes it easy for newbies to get acquainted with the ins and outs of operating an electric skateboard.

Size and Portability:

The Boosted Mini x sports a compact size that’s great for people who are just learning the ropes of the sport. Its length measures at just under 30 inches, allowing for easier control and steering—crucial when you’re just starting to figure out balance and movement. Plus, the small size adds to the board’s portability, making it a breeze to carry around when you’re off the board.

Robust Deck:

Despite its mini size, this board has a deck made out of composite materials that is resilient, providing stability while also minimizing vibration during rides. This combination is particularly valuable for beginners, as it allows for smoother rides while they work on their stance and balance.

Efficient Motor and Battery Performance:

The Mini x is driven by a belt motor, which is known for providing superior torque and power when compared to hub motors. The board also houses a high-performance battery allowing for reasonable speed, which can be adjusted by beginners as they get comfortable with faster velocities.

Customizable Riding Modes:

One of the standout features of the Boosted Mini x is its customizable riding modes. These modes let beginners start with lower speeds and gradually increase as their competency, confidence, and comfort on the skateboard grow.

Reliable Brakes:

Braking is a vital skill in any boarding sport. Boosted Mini x boasts a reputable regenerative braking system that allows beginners to stop or slow down smoothly, making riding safer and more secure.

Durable Wheels and Trucks:

The wheels on the Mini x provide adequate grip, boosting the rider’s confidence on various terrains. Simultaneously, reliable trucks aid in maintaining stability, even when making sharp turns—a feature that new riders learning to steer will greatly appreciate.

Functional Remote Control:

The included remote control is intuitive and straightforward. It is designed with beginners in mind, focusing on offering easy-to-understand functionalities in controlling speed and direction.

True, the fun and exhilaration of electric skateboarding aren’t things to be missed. And with a Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard on your side, your journey into this thrilling world is likely to be filled with joy and achievement.

Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Enter the RazorX Cruiser, a standout electric skateboard particularly suited for those who are just stepping into the world of powered skateboard commuting. This powerful machine could be your gateway to the exciting world of electric skateboarding.

Simplicity of Design

The RazorX Cruiser stands out with its elegant, minimalistic design. Lacking unnecessary frills, it presents a clear, functional look that appeals to beginners. Beginners will appreciate the ease of use and the uncomplicated, user-friendly layout.

Size and Portability

The compact design of the RazorX Cruiser makes it perfect for on-the-go skateboarders. It’s not just about its light weight; its dimensions also make it easy to carry around. It fits into most backpacks, which makes it an easy pick for the daily commute or casual city rides.

Robust Deck

The RazorX Cruiser’s deck is composed of a 5-ply maple design ensuring robustness and resilience. This, coupled with a grip-tape covered surface, ensures a secure foot placement for riders, making it easier to navigate and handle for those new to electric skateboarding.

Efficient Motor and Battery Performance

The Cruiser boasts an efficient lithium-ion powered electric motor, pushing the top speed to a steady 10mph. With a 40 minutes of continuous running time, this board provides adequate distance coverage for beginners without overwhelming them with an overly powerful or fast ride.

Customizable Riding Modes

The RazorX Cruiser comes with customizable riding modes allowing beginners to start at their level of comfort and gradually scale up as their confidence grows. This feature enables a personal, tailored riding experience catered to each individual’s skill level.

Reliable Brakes

When it comes to safety, the braking system on the RazorX Cruiser leaves no room for doubt. The board is equipped with reliable brakes which provide timely and efficient stopping power. This is a vital feature, particularly appreciated by beginners as it provides an added layer of safety.

Durable Wheels and Trucks

True to its name, RazorX Cruiser’s wheels and trucks are built for cruising. Made with high-quality urethane and equipped with custom, reverse kingpin trucks for enhanced turning and stability, the board promises a smooth ride in any terrain.

Functional Remote Control

Lastly, the wireless remote control of the RazorX Cruiser provides easy acceleration and deceleration with the shift of a lever, and fits snugly into any rider’s hand. This easy-to-use control system, with wrist strap for added security, provides beginners with a straightforward way to control their ride.

Happy electric skateboarding, folks! May your ride be a breeze and your journeys unforgettable with the amazing RazorX Cruiser.

A sleek black electric skateboard with the RazorX Cruiser logo displayed on the deck, ready to hit the road

Acquiring a new skill does have its set of challenges. But with the right guidance and commitment, one can certainly overcome those initial hurdles. As we’ve seen, understanding the basics of electric skateboarding is less daunting than it sounds while the right choice of board further smooths your transition into this thrilling activity. Boards like the Boosted Mini x and RazorX Cruiser especially cater to beginners’ needs, allowing a gentle yet enriching introduction to electric skateboarding. So why not make the most of this opportunity? Get yourself an electric skateboard and embrace the freedom and joy that comes with it. Here’s to a fun, eco-friendly, and electrifying ride ahead!

Matt Powell