9 Best Motors to Supercharge Your Electric Skateboard Acceleration

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  8 min read

The quest for the perfect electric skateboard is often a fusion of technology, power, and finesse. At the heart of this quest lie the motors that drive the board, where acceleration and control become the benchmarks of an exhilarating ride. In this exploration of mechanical prowess, we delve into the world of high-performance electric skateboarding motors, highlighting those that have set the standard for rapid acceleration and handling. From the reliable and efficient Hobbywing Brushless Outrunner Motor to the robust power of the Turnigy SK8 Series and the refined control of Maytech’s Brushless Sensored Motor, we examine the intricate balance these motors strike between raw strength and seamless operation, painting a vivid picture of innovation in motion.

Hobbywing Brushless Outrunner Motor

Why the Hobbywing Brushless Outrunner a Top Choice for Electric Skateboard Enthusiasts

Effortless Acceleration and Power Control

Electric skateboard enthusiasts are gravitating towards the Hobbywing brushless outrunner motor, renowned for its smooth acceleration curve and precise power control. This motor enhances the riding experience by ensuring a seamless transition from a gentle push-off to a thrilling high-speed cruise, all orchestrated with simple pressure on the board’s throttle.

Remarkable Energy Efficiency

Amidst surging demand for longer rides and extended battery life, the Hobbywing brushless outrunner proves its worth by optimizing energy efficiency. The cutting-edge design minimizes waste, allowing riders to conquer more pavement on a single charge, making it the eco-friendly powerhouse that modern users seek.

Customizable Riding Profiles

Customization sits at the core of any tech enthusiast’s values, and the Hobbywing outrunner motor doesn’t disappoint. It caters to individual preferences with easily adjustable settings for various riding styles, whether one prefers a leisurely glide or an adrenaline-fueled sprint.

Advanced Heat Dissipation

Overheating is yesterday’s news thanks to the Hobbywing motor’s superior heat dissipation. By efficiently managing temperature, this motor upholds performance and longevity, ensuring reliability, ride after ride.

Durable, Maintenance-Free Design

Longevity and reliability resonate with technology aficionados, and the Hobbywing brushless outrunner embodies these principles. Its robust design shrugs off the rough and tumble of urban escapades, and with no brushes to replace, it stands as a paragon of low-maintenance technology.

Magnetic, No-Drag Coasting

At the intersection of innovation and entertainment, this motor ensures that coasting is as magical as powering through the streets. With virtually no magnetic drag, riders can enjoy the pure, unrestrained sensation of gliding – a feature that sets it apart in the electric skateboard domain.

Quiet Operation for Discrete Transit

Savvy riders value discretion, and the Hobbywing brushless outrunner motor delivers an exceptionally quiet ride. This stealthy performance is perfect for those who appreciate a low-profile journey without sacrificing the thrill of speed.

Accessible Update and Support Network

Staying current with firmware updates can be cumbersome, but the Hobbywing brushless outrunner comes with a supportive network that makes updates straightforward. Riders can effortlessly enhance their board’s capabilities, ensuring peak performance and access to the latest features.

The Hobbywing brushless outrunner motor stands as a testament to progress in the electric skateboarding industry, capturing hearts with its blend of power, efficiency, and intelligence. Its adoption among enthusiasts is a nod to its technological prowess, providing an unprecedentedly smooth, powerful, and smart skateboarding experience.

An image of a Hobbywing Brushless Outrunner motor for electric skateboards

Photo by cakirchoff on Unsplash

Turnigy SK8 Series

Turnigy’s SK8 series stands out in the electric skateboarding market for several reasons. Here we delve into the features that push the SK8 series to the forefront of the skateboarding surge, enhancing the rider’s experience in terms of performance, reliability, and enjoyment.

Seamless Integration with Smartphone Apps

Riders can connect their SK8 boards to dedicated apps on their smartphones. This smart integration allows for real-time data tracking, including speed, distance, and battery life. Moreover, app connectivity enables firmware updates and feature improvements, ensuring the skateboards remain up-to-date with the latest in tech advancements.

Precision Engineering for Superior Maneuverability

The level of precision in the SK8 series trucks and deck construction translates to superior handling. The refined geometry of the components allows for sharp turns, responsive steering, and an overall stability that appeals to both novices and professionals. The series’ design ensures that every move is fluid and precise, enhancing confidence in high-speed scenarios.

Robust Battery Life for Extended Adventures

Each model in the SK8 series boasts a battery that’s carefully selected to balance weight and performance. With an extended battery range, riders can indulge in longer sessions without the anxiety of frequent recharges. This robust battery life makes the SK8 an ideal companion for those long, adventurous rides where freedom is key.

High-Torque Motor Systems for Uphill Power

Hill climbs present no obstacles for the SK8 series, thanks to its high-torque motor systems. Riders can tackle steep inclines with ease, as the motors provide consistent, powerful thrust without overwhelming the board’s control and balance. Whether it’s a challenging slope or a sudden climb, these eskate boards are built to conquer.

IP65 Waterproof Rating for All-Weather Riding

The Turnigy SK8 series doesn’t let a little water dampen the spirit of a ride. With a waterproof rating of IP65, these boards welcome challenges posed by wet conditions. This feature extends the skateboarding season for enthusiasts and ensures maintenance isn’t hampered by a sudden rain shower.

Optimized Weight Distribution for Natural Feel

Skateboarding is all about the experience, and the SK8 series thrives on an optimized weight distribution that mirrors the natural feel of traditional skateboarding. This intelligent design keeps the board balanced and responsive, allowing for a seamless transition from classic skateboarding to the high-tech realm of eskating.

These capabilities, engineered into the very fiber of Turnigy’s SK8 series, demonstrate a leap forward in electric skateboarding. Riders find themselves equipped with not just a ride but a sophisticated, exhilarating means of exploration that reshapes the landscape of urban mobility. The Turnigy SK8 series doesn’t just elevate skateboarding performance; it redefines the rider’s journey altogether.

Electric skateboard from the Turnigy SK8 series, showcasing its sleek design and advanced features

Maytech Brushless Sensored Motor

**Tailored Performance at Your Fingertips with Maytech’s Brushless Sensored Motor**

Maytech’s brushless sensored motor stands out in the world of electric transportation advancing the user experience to unparalleled levels. Below we delve into the core features that define the Maytech brushless sensored motor’s capabilities for smooth acceleration and an unmatched ride.

**Real-Time Telemetry for Informed Riding**

Picture yourself coasting down the boulevard, your board’s motor relaying real-time data to your device. This is not a drill. Maytech motors feature telemetry that feeds information back for immediate performance adjustments. Speed, temperature, and voltage no longer remain a mystery, ensuring you can fine-tune your ride specifications on the fly.

**Sensored Advantage for Start-Up Precision**

Ever been at a standstill, looking for that perfect ramp-up? Maytech’s sensored technology offers impressive start-up precision. The motors intelligently detect the rotor’s position, allowing for a smooth commencement. Kick-push starts are a vestige of the past.

**Optimal Efficiency for Peak Performance**

Efficiency isn’t just about energy savings; it’s about the synchronicity of elements working in harmony. With a focus on utilizing every ounce of power, riders taste optimal efficiency translating to a gratifying acceleration curve without wasting precious energy.

**Advanced Throttle Management for Flawless Control**

Control lies at your fingertips – more literal than ever. With advanced throttle management, the transition from still to speed is nothing short of seamless. A slight nudge, a gradual pull, and you dictate the terms of acceleration, customizing the surge to either featherlight touch or a more aggressive throttle with precision.

**Strategic Cooling Systems: The Arbiter of Endurance**

Within the sleek framework of the motor, lays a strategically engineered cooling system on guard. Designed to maintain operable temperatures, this system dispels heat efficiently, securing the longevity of each run and the motor’s life.

**Responsive to Firmware Upgrades for Future-Proof Riding**

Standing still is the antithesis of Maytech’s philosophy; hence, their motors are ever-evolving. Coupled with the capacity for firmware upgrades, your riding experience keeps pace with the latest developments, ensuring your hardware is as current as it can be.

**Rider-Centric Design for Unrivalled Experiences**

Every nuance of the Maytech motor was dreamt and crafted with the rider in mind. From the materials chosen to the contours of its frame, each aspect serves to amplify the ride, harmonizing with the rider’s intentions and the road’s demands.

**Fine-Tuned Component Communication for Synchronized Harmony**

Sensor and motor speak the language of efficiency in a dialect of performance. Each element of the Maytech motor is in constant dialogue, syncing up to deliver just the right amount of power for your riding needs. An orchestration of components working in unison for the perfect ride.

This is Maytech’s brushless sensored motor, the beating heart of your electric board, and the champion of smooth, powerful acceleration. And remember, for the electric ride aficionados, new horizons await at the twist of a throttle, all made possible by the innovative minds at Maytech.

A high-performance brushless sensored motor from Maytech, designed to provide smooth acceleration and an unmatched ride experience.

Mastering the art of electric skateboard acceleration does not only rest on a single component but on the harmonious integration of a system tailored for performance. Each motor examined here brings unique attributes to the table, from the dependable torque of Hobbywing motors to the precise control offered by Maytech’s technology. As enthusiasts continue to tweak and improve their rides, the motors highlighted stand as beacons of progress, symbolizing the relentless pursuit of an exceptional electric skateboarding experience. They embody the ingenuity and vigor required to surpass limits and chart new territories in the realm of urban mobility and sports.

Matt Powell