9 Electric Skateboards With Customizable User Modes

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  7 min read

Electric skateboarding, a thrilling union of technology and traditional skateboarding, has drawn considerable attention from enthusiasts, hobbyists, and commuters alike. Among the many improvements and capabilities offered by today’s electric skateboards are customizable user modes, a feature that vastly expands the boundaries of the riding experience. With brands like Boosted and Meepo leading the charge in offering customizable user systems, riders can now tailor their rides to their individual preferences, skill levels, and daringness. This piece delves deep into the realm of customization made possible by some of the top electric skateboards on the market today.

The Importance of Customizable User Modes

Electric skateboarding is an exhilarating hobby that incorporates fun, speed, and skill. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, enter customizable user modes. They’ve become a game changer in electric skateboarding, allowing riders to tailor their riding experience. But how exactly can they enhance your riding experience?

First things first, user modes are designed to provide greater control over the skateboard’s speed and power. Depending on how they’re customized, modes can make the ride slower and safer for beginners, or faster and more thrilling for experts. So, whether you’re fresh on the terrain or a seasoned pro, there’s a user mode tailored for you.

Next, these modes can expand the functionality of the skateboard. Modes like eco mode increase the board’s range by limiting power output, ensuring you have enough juice to make it back home after an intense ride. Alternatively, some modes can prioritize speed or torque, enhancing for those daring downhill runs or steep hill climbs.

Not to forget, user modes can adjust braking systems. With configurable braking modes, riders have a safer ride with control over how aggressively the board comes to a halt. This adds another layer of security and ensures a comfortable ride, no matter the speed or terrain.

Now, if you’re obsessed with nailing those tricks and shredding at the skatepark, sport modes are your new best friend. Tailor-made for hearty adventurers, sport modes enhance board performance to deliver the power needed for every kick, push, and slide.

And the beauty of it all? Transitioning between these modes is generally seamless, at the click of a button on most electric skateboards or even via an app on your smartphone. It’s like having several skateboards packed into one, exactly customized to your preferences.

Last but not least, user modes bring progression into your rides. As your skills grow, so does the level of challenge provided by the board. This ensures you never outgrow your board, as it grows with you.

So, user modes cannot be underestimated in their ability to enhance your electric skateboard rides. They not only increase safety but also push performance, encourage skill progression, and ensure you always enjoy the ride, no matter your electric skateboarding experience or style. And isn’t that what this hobby is all about?

A person riding an electric skateboard in a cityscape environment.

The Boosted Electric Skateboards

Boosted Electric Skateboards really ramp up the skateboarding experience with their unique, innovative and customizable user modes. Here’s some further insight into why they’re the real game-changers in the skateboarding industry.

First off, accessibility is a key feature. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never stepped foot on a skateboard or if you can perform flips and spins with ease – there’s a mode for you. With options for different skill levels, Boosted Boards allow for a personalized ride, meeting the user exactly where they are. Consequently, skateboarding becomes a less-daunting activity for novices, while professionals get their share of thrills and challenges.

Then, there’s the Boosted Board’s superior maneuverability. A user gets a smooth, ‘float on air’ kind of ride with the Pro mode enabled. The responsiveness of the controls is a standalone feature from the rest of the modes. So whether you’re riding through busy streets or cruising serenely on an empty road, each ride promises to be a thrilling experience.

Boosted Board’s “Stoke” mode is another runaway hit. Designed for the ultimate performance enthusiast, this setting caters to the adrenaline junky wanting to squeeze every ounce of thrill out of their ride. When enabled, the board delivers unparalleled power and torque, truly stoking your craving for action.

Then there’s the customization to match various environments. Conditions on city streets differ vastly from the skatepark, so the Boosted Board lets you customize the ride to the ground beneath your wheels. It covers a whole spectrum, from radical trails to flat surfaces, making it a versatile companion for all urban explorers.

The tangible customizable braking system deserves a mention too. This is where safety meets exhilaration. Boosted Board offers a braking system that’s powerful yet intuitive, providing the confidence to explore new terrains and the ability, to rapidly adapt to rapidly changing scenarios.

Finally, it carries the ‘Boosted’ ethos of progression and growth. The brand respects growth at all levels, from beginner to expert and ensures there’s ample challenge, and excitement ingrained into their systems.

All things considered, the Boosted board isn’t just another electric skateboard. It’s a personalized riding experience, a customizable partner adjusting to your skillset and preferences in real-time. This one-of-a-kind board simply promises to elevate the skateboarding experience to new zeniths of excitement and enjoyment, making it stand out in the electric skateboard arena.

A group of skateboarders riding Boosted Electric Skateboards down a city street

The Meepo Electric Skateboards

Let’s delve deeper into how Meepo electric skateboards stand out when it comes to adaptability and user customizability. Meepo skateboards offer just the right balance between convenience for novice users and technical control for seasoned skaters. This versatility extends to various features and facets of the skateboard.

The opportunity to personalize acceleration is among the standout features of Meepo boards. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie craving hair-raising speeds or someone who enjoys a more leisurely cruise, the range of acceleration options cater to every user preference. Moreover, depending on your skill level or simply the kind of ride you wish to enjoy, you can easily modify the acceleration curves.

Next on the list is the wheel customization. Depending on your usual terrain or specific usage – be it commuting, off-road adventures, or sliding – you can switch between different wheel types. Using the right wheels can significantly enhance your ride experience and help achieve optimal performance from your skateboard.

Meepo electric skateboards also shine in terms of deck choices. From options tailored for high speed and control to those that focus on comfort and flexibility, the company offers a selection of distinctive decks. Each deck is designed with a specific riding style in mind, allowing the user to choose according to their preference and needs.

Another exciting user customizability aspect lies within the ability to tailor the skateboard’s aesthetics. Hey, we all want our ride to stand out! Meepo gets that. With a variety of grip tape designs, deck colors, and light options, you can make sure your e-skateboard is a reflection of your personality and style.

Finally, Meepo’s remote options are worth a mention. The remotes offer several ride modes catering to both beginners and experts, alongside a screen featuring speed, range, and battery status. This ensures that you have all necessary ride information at your fingertips, allowing for a more controlled and safer ride.

In conclusion, the versatility of Meepo electric skateboards in terms of user customizability is incredibly diverse. From acceleration and wheel options to deck choices, light options, and remote features, each aspect caters to individual riding styles and preferences, truly making each Meepo board a unique piece.

An image showcasing a Meepo electric skateboard with various customizations

Customizable user modes on electric skateboards have not only revolutionized the way individuals interact with their boards but have also significantly heightened the riding experience. Whether it’s a beginner taking their first strides toward mastering the sport, an intermediate rider attempting to push their boundary, or a seasoned professional aiming for the pinnacle of performance, companies like Boosted and Meepo have tailored options to suit their diverse clientele. By allowing riders to control everything from speed to braking sensitivity to torque power, these electric skateboards provide a personalized way of traversing the world, one ride at a time.

Matt Powell