Can RC Boats Go In Saltwater? A Helpful Guide

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If you have an RC boat, there is no doubt that you know how fun they are. If you live near the ocean, you may want to try to take your boating experience to the next level. RC boats are fun anywhere you decide to use them but you may be asking yourself “Can RC boats go in salt water?” Well we have the answer right here.

Some preparation is needed before your boat’s maiden voyage and proper cleaning and maintenance afterward is also required in order to ensure your boat lasts as long as possible. To answer the question “Can RC boats go in saltwater?” the answer is yes, RC Boats CAN be used in saltwater.

RC boats have the ability to be used in any type of water. Just like any other piece of equipment, RC vehicles are no exception and require maintenance and care in order to ensure maximum performance, life, and most importantly, FUN! 

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Can RC Boats Go In Saltwater

The short answer is yes, RC boats can go in saltwater. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to put your boat in saltwater though. There is a lot of preparation and maintenance involved. Keep reading to see that we will cover all these topics.

What to Look For In a Saltwater RC Boats

There are tons of RC boats on the market of all different price ranges and each one has its pros and cons. When looking at boats, you want to consider several factors before you make the decision to buy. Here are the top features to keep an eye out for:

Protect Your RC Boat From Saltwater

There are many maintenance and preventative measures you can use to keep your boat protected when navigating saltwater. Some measures are used before setting sail, and while on the water as well. Saltwater will corrode anything if it gets exposed and is not cleaned off. RC boat parts are no exception.

Cleaning your boat

Cleaning your boat after your saltwater voyage is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT step to take in order to keep your boat in great condition. Once corrosion sets in from improper or neglect of cleaning, it is hard to keep at bay. Running fresh water through the entirety of your boat is the best way to clean your boat. Remove any exposed parts such as the transmitters to keep them from getting damaged. (2)

You can use WD-40 to clean the metal parts of your boat as long as you wipe them all down. Use 70%+ alcohol in a spray bottle to clean your transmitter and electrical parts and let them air dry to ensure cleanliness and avoid damage.

Use Spray Silicone 

Coat the parts of your boat with spray silicone for added protection. Evenly coat the interior parts of your boat and let dry to the recommended times on the can. This will give your boat added protection against the salt water.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubrication is key to prevent the buildup of salt, dirt, and grim which can shorten the lifespan of your boat.

Grab a Can of Compressed Air  

Compressed air can be your best friend here. Use it to blow out the air tubes and stuffing tubes and to get any standing water out of crevices and tight spots.

Reverse Only When Necessary  

Reverse floods the boat’s interior with water. Try to keep as much salt water out of the interior as possible.

Dry the Boat Before Storing 

Dry your boat by hand in areas that you can reach and allow the rest to air dry before storing it. This will prevent standing water from damaging any components over time.

How to Prevent RC Boats From Sinking

Your boat will capsize at some point and sometimes it will not want to flip back over. The biggest fear is having your boat sinking right in front of you with absolutely nothing you can do about it. Here are a few tips to prevent your boat from sinking.

Another way to make sure your boat doesn’t sink in the event that you didn’t find all the leaky culprits is to “install” some sort of flotation aid inside your boat. This can be a couple of closed soda bottles or some styrofoam strategically placed inside the hull. DO NOT use spray foam or any kind of expanding foam. These types of foam can continue to expand inside your hull and cause cracks to form, thus letting more water in.

Best RC Boats for Saltwater

The best RC boats for saltwater are the Force1 Velocity H102, DEERC RC Boat, and AlphaRev RC Boat. These boats are waterproof, which aids in saltwater corrosion prevention. These boats include many features that make them perfect for rough ocean conditions.


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This boat has an ABS plastic, waterproof hull and allows the DEERC RC Boat to avoid corrosion in saltwater. Its water-cooled motor is allows for added longevity that extends its lifespan.

It has a USB charger that allows you to charge the batteries almost anywhere which adds to the versatility of locations you can boat. You can charge it even if you’re spending the whole day by the lake or at the ocean. 

The 2.4GHz remote control system allows for an extended range and lower power consumption. The included display stand protects the rudder and the propeller when not in use.

DEERC RC Boat Pros

DEERC RC Boat Cons

AlphaRev RC Boat

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The AlphaRev RC Boat is covered with a double-layered seal that prevents water from entering any part of the boat’s interiors.

It has a v-shaped bow to ensure the boat stays upright and adds stability in rough ocean waves. Its built-in capsize recovery feature gives you peace of mind in the event of a capsize event.

The AlphaRev RC boat can hit around 16 miles per hour making it a great boat to run in open waters. A two-way navigation rudder can also course-correct if the boat gets off track.

AlphaRev RC Boat Pros

AlphaRev RC Boat Cons

Force1 Velocity H102

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The Force1 Velocity H102 is a powerful boat. Its waterproof hull protects the boat from the corrosive salt in oceans. 

The hull is made of high quality ABS plastic that makes the boat resistant to impacts. This adds to the durability in the ocean because it allows it to withstand rough waters and big waves without breaking.

The Force1 Velocity H102 comes with a rechargeable battery, a boat stand, and wipes for cleaning the boat. 

It also has a 2.4 GHZ remote control that shows users signal strength, battery life, and has an emergency stop function as well as a range meter that will warn you if your boat starts to move out of range. 

Force1 Velocity H102 Pros

Force1 Velocity H102 Cons

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