Electric Skateboard Price Guide 2023

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  11 min read

Electric skateboarding has surged in popularity, offering a blend of convenience, excitement, and eco-friendly transportation. As enthusiasts or hobbyists look to join the electric revolution on four wheels, the market’s diversity in terms of price and quality can be both alluring and daunting. Whether you’re gliding into this electrifying pursuit with a watchful eye on your wallet or ready to dive into the deep end of high-tech gadgetry, understanding the different tiers of electric skateboards—entry-level, mid-range, and high-end—is crucial. This exploration into the price ranges of electric skateboards will illuminate the spectrum of options available, ensuring that your selection not only matches your skill level but also aligns with your financial comfort zone, as you prepare to carve the pavement of this dynamic landscape.

Entry-Level Electric Skateboards

Discover the Excitement: Entry-Level Electric Skateboards Unveiled

Are you ready to cruise the streets in style and step up your commuting game? Enter the world of electric skateboarding – a crossroads where thrill meets technology. Picking an entry-level electric skateboard is like choosing your first car; it’s exciting, a bit daunting, but totally worth it. Let’s zip through what a newbie board brings to the street!

It’s All About the Power

First things first, let’s talk motor power. Entry-level boards often come with a single motor. It’s perfect for city gliding and can take you up to decent speeds without overwhelming you. Enough juice for fun trips around town, but not so much that you’ll feel like you’re on a runaway roller coaster!

Range – How Far Can You Go?

When it comes to the range, don’t expect to cross state lines on a single charge. These boards typically offer enough battery life for short to moderate rides. Think something along the lines of 5 to 10 miles. Perfect for that quick coffee run or a brief escapade in the local park!

Ease of Control – Keep It Simple

Now, controlling your ride should be a breeze. Entry-level boards usually have a user-friendly, wireless remote. This neat little device can adjust speed, apply brakes, and often shows your speed and battery level. It’s the magic wand for your electric skate mission!

The Speed You Need

Worried about speed? Entry-level doesn’t mean slow. These e-skateboards can zip you around at a brisk pace – we’re talking 15-20 mph on average. Quick enough to feel the wind but not so fast that you’ll worry about breaking any land speed records.

Durability for the Day-to-Day

Beginner boards are built to take a bit of a beating. They’re not the indestructible tanks of the e-skate world, but they’re definitely made to handle daily rides. You’ll find reliable wheels and solid decks that can carry riders weighting up to around 220 pounds typically. Just enough sturdiness to ensure beginners have a reliable and safe experience while learning the ropes.

Style Points Count

You’re not just riding; you’re rolling with flair. Entry-level boards may not have all the customizable bells and whistles, but they still look sleek enough to turn heads as you glide by. With cool designs and sometimes even LED lights, beginner boards ensure your style game is as smooth as your ride.

A Friendly Price Tag

Last but not least, jumping into electric skateboarding shouldn’t break the bank. Entry-level means affordable, making this hobby accessible without having to pawn off your prized possessions. You’ll find something to fit your budget and start your e-skating journey with joy, not bills to cry over.

Now, an entry-level electric skateboard may not have elite features, but it’s your ticket into the world of urban surfing. It’s about more than just commuting; it’s the thrill of the ride, the joy of the breeze against your face, and the freedom beneath your feet. So, pick your board and embrace the street – the electric way!

Image of a person riding an electric skateboard

Mid-Range Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards have gained immense popularity in recent years, and with a dizzying array of choices, it’s not always easy to find that sweet spot where cost and features meet harmoniously. Let’s delve into how mid-range electric skateboards manage to balance the scales.

Battery Life:

An often overlooked but crucial aspect is how long the skateboard’s battery can last. Mid-range boards typically aim for a battery that offers a reasonable ride time without the premium price tag. This means looking for boards that have a good balance between battery size and energy efficiency, ensuring riders can cruise for a decent number of miles before needing a recharge.

Build Quality:

While top-tier boards might boast space-age materials, mid-range options don’t skimp on quality. They’re often constructed with reliable, sturdy materials like bamboo or maple. These skateboards are designed to hold up well over time, but they won’t break the bank. You can expect a mid-range board to take a few knocks and scrapes and still keep rolling.


The joy of electric skateboarding can be dampened if the board is too heavy to carry. Mid-range models often work to reduce weight without compromising on performance. This means they’re easier to transport when not in use, striking a balance between a robust build and the convenience of portability.

Braking System:

While rocketing down a street is exhilarating, stopping safely is paramount. Mid-range electric skateboards often come with regenerative braking systems, which slow the board smoothly and can even return energy to the battery. These systems provide a reliable way to slow down and add to the overall safety without inflating the price unnecessarily.

Connectivity and Extras:

Many enthusiasts appreciate a good dose of tech in their ride, and mid-range boards deliver without overdoing it. Look for ones with app connectivity that allows for firmware updates, ride statistics, and customization of settings. Wireless remotes are standard, and they come with features like battery indicators and variable speed controls, giving riders the necessary navigation tools without being complicated.

In summary, mid-range electric skateboards are about delivering the most bang for your buck. They carefully trim the excess, focusing on what improves the riding experience without adding on a hefty price tag. They’re the Goldilocks of the electric skateboarding world – just right for riders who want a blend of efficiency, enjoyment, and economy. Whether a daily commuter or a weekend cruiser, a mid-range electric skateboard could very well be the perfect board to roll into this electrifying hobby.

electric skateboard on a street

High-End Electric Skateboards

Shifting into high gear, high-end electric skateboards also bring to the table a set of advanced features that cater to those who have moved past the beginner stage and are looking to upgrade their ride. With tech and specs that can turn heads and carve asphalt, these deluxe boards justify their steeper price tags by offering a performance that can revolutionize the way you skate.

One of the highlights is the battery tech integrated into these boards. Unlike standard models, premium electric skateboards often come with fast-charging capabilities, meaning less downtime and more skate time. The quality of the batteries also guarantees a longer lifecycle, which means they don’t need to be replaced as often. This is a big deal for anyone deep into the e-skating scene because no one likes to be left standing with a dead board.

Another peak feature is the level of customization available. On many high-end models, riders can tweak settings to match their riding style. Whether you’re a fan of smooth cruising or aggressive carving, these boards have the capacity to adjust acceleration curves and torque to fit your needs. The magic happens via sophisticated onboard computers and often companion apps, offering the rider the ability to fine-tune their ride like never before.

To handle all that power and personalization, premium boards often boast superior deck materials, such as carbon fiber or bamboo composites, which provide an unbeatable combination of flexibility and strength. These materials also aid in making the board lightweight without compromising on the capacity to handle heavier riders or rougher rides.

When it comes to stopping power, high-end refers to more than just high speed; it’s also about high-tech braking systems. Regenerative braking is a common feature, allowing the board to convert braking energy back into battery power, thereby extending the ride. Responsive and reliable, these brakes offer peace of mind, especially at higher speeds or when navigating busy streets.

For the digital age skater, connectivity is a must, and premium electric skateboards don’t disappoint. Features like GPS tracking, distance, and speed monitoring not just ramp up the safety but also add an element of gamification to the overall experience. Enthusiasts can compete with friends, track improvements, and share routes, all thanks to integrated wireless technologies like Bluetooth.

And let’s not forget the extras – built-in LED lights for safety during night rides, replaceable wheels and parts for longer board life, and even waterproofing for the adventurous souls keen on riding in all types of weather. These additions enhance the functionality and longevity of the board, making them a wise investment for the dedicated hobbyist.

In sum, the alluring world of high-end electric skateboards is filled with features that go beyond the basic need for speed and address every nuance of the ride. From customizability to tech-savviness, these boards are crafted for those who seek more than just commuting convenience – they’re built for the thrill, the performance, and the sheer love of the skate.

Image of high-end electric skateboards showcasing their advanced features and design.

Photo by lazargugleta on Unsplash

Factors Affecting Electric Skateboard Prices

When diving into the world of electric skateboards, there’s so much to explore beyond the basics. Like with many hobbies, as enthusiasts get more clued in, they uncover layers of detail that can make all the difference. Here’s a look at what else can affect the price of that sweet ride.

By understanding these additional factors, hobbyists can make informed decisions about purchasing an electric skateboard that matches their needs and budget. It’s not just about speed and looks—though those are pretty awesome too—it’s about finding a reliable, fun, and high-performing board that can become a treasured part of daily life. So when weighing options, think about the long-term enjoyment and practicality that each feature brings to the table because, at the end of the day, the right board is out there waiting to kickstart many exhilarating rides to come.

Image showing various electric skateboards with different features and designs

Embarking on the journey of electric skateboarding is an investment in both your transportation and recreational life. The pivotal decision of which board to purchase hinges on assessing and appreciating the nuanced intricacies of motor power, battery life, construction materials, and the reputation of the brand, among other key factors. These elements converge to sculpt the performance, longevity, and ultimately, the price of the product. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of what each price tier offers, riders are well-positioned to select a board that not only fulfills their immediate needs but also lays the groundwork for growth in this electrifying pastime. As the electric skateboard community continues to evolve, your choice of board becomes an extension of your personal journey, mirroring your ambition and passion on this thrilling ride into the future.

Matt Powell