Essential Gear for Electric Skateboarding

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 03/07/24 •  9 min read

Electric skateboarding is not just about the thrill and speed; it’s also about making sure you can enjoy every ride safely. This article will explore the essential gear that keeps you protected, ensuring that fun and safety go hand in hand. From helmets to lights, we’ll cover why each piece of equipment is crucial for anyone stepping onto an electric skateboard.


Electric Skateboarding: Why Helmets are a Must-Have

Zipping through the streets on an electric skateboard feels like flying – the wind in your hair, the buzz of the motor beneath your feet, and the world zooming by. It’s the dream of every city adventurer and the perfect way to inject some thrill into daily commutes. But with great speed comes great responsibility, and that’s where the humble helmet comes into play. Here’s the lowdown on why strapping on a helmet is non-negotiable. for electric skateboarding.

1. It’s About Protecting Your Think Tank

Your brain is the command center for…well, everything. From deciding what snack you’re craving to executing the perfect kickflip, it’s all brain-power. A fall without a helmet can lead to serious brain injuries, which are not only devastating but can also be life-altering. Imagine forgetting how to do the things you love or missing out on epic future skate sessions because of one bad spill.

2. It’s a Legal Thing in Many Places

You know how it goes with cool stuff; there’s always a bit of fine print. In many cities and countries, wearing a helmet while riding an electric skateboard isn’t just good advice – it’s the law. Getting pulled over and fined can put a serious damper on your day and your wallet. Plus, it’s way less of a hassle to just pop a helmet on your noggin.

3. The Roads Are Wild

Even if you’re the Tony Hawk of electric skateboarding, you can’t control the world around you. Unexpected obstacles like potholes, wet leaves, or an overly enthusiastic squirrel can send you flying. And it’s not just about falls – vehicles pose a significant risk too. Wearing a helmet is like having an extra life in a video game; it’s your best defense in unpredictable urban jungles.

4. Set the Trend – Safety is Cool

Remember when wearing seatbelts wasn’t the norm? Now, it’s just what everyone does because it’s proven to save lives. Helmets are on the same track. By wearing one, you’re not only looking after yourself, but you’re also setting an example for fellow riders. Plus, modern helmets are sleek, stylish, and can actually enhance your overall look. Find one that matches your board or personal style, and you’re all set to revolutionize the electric skateboarding scene.

5. Keeping the Fun Going

Here’s the deal – injuries are a major buzzkill. They can sideline you from skateboarding, work, and other activities you love. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of serious head trauma, meaning more time tearing up the streets and less time recovering on the couch.

So, whether you’re cruising to the corner store or mastering new tricks at the skatepark, a helmet is your trusty sidekick. It’s about making every ride a safe return ticket to your next adventure. Remember, skate smart, skate safe, and never compromise on your helmet. Let’s keep the good times rolling, safely.

Image of a person wearing a helmet while electric skateboarding. Avoid using words, letters or labels in the image when possible.

Protective Pads

Just like strapping on a helmet can make all the difference during your electrifying skateboarding adventures, getting geared up with the right protective pads brings its own set of superpowers to the ride. Imagine these pads as your personal team of bodyguards, each tasked with safeguarding a part of you from those “oopsie” moments that can happen when you’re carving up the concrete. Let’s dive into why they’re so crucial and how they shield you from the gnarliest of spills.

1. Knee Pads: The Kneedy Guards

Knee pads aren’t just bulky fashion statements; they’re like the knights in shining armor for your knees, guarding against scrapes and serious injuries. When you take a tumble, and trust me, it happens to the best of us, knee pads distribute the impact over a larger area, reducing the strain on your kneecap. It’s like having a cushioned barrier that says, “Not today, sidewalk!”

2. Elbow Pads: Elbow Protectors, Assemble!

Raise your hand if you love elbow road rash… No? Didn’t think so. Elbow pads are here to save the day. Much like knee pads, they provide a protective layer that can absorb and disperse shock, keeping your elbows from kissing the pavement a little too aggressively. They’re your elbows’ besties, offering protection while allowing you to move freely and confidently.

3. Wrist Guards: The Unseen Heroes

Ever instinctively reached out with your hands during a fall? Yep, we’ve all been there. Wrist guards play a crucial role by supporting your wrist and forearm, minimizing the risk of sprains or fractures. These silent heroes are essential because they bear the brunt of impacts, ensuring that a simple fall doesn’t turn into a lengthy break from skateboarding (or typing, or, well, just about anything with your hands).

4. Hip and Tailbone Protectors: The Down-Low Defenders

Falling on your backside isn’t just comical; it can result in a not-so-funny injury to your hip or tailbone. That’s where hip and tailbone protectors glide in. Worn under your clothes, they might not be visible but believe me, you’ll be thankful for that shock-absorbent padding when you make an unexpected seat on the ground. Like a trusty friend, they’re always there to catch you when you fall, literally.

5. How to Choose ‘Em Right

Alright, so you’re convinced. Now, the quest for the perfect gear begins! Look for pads that fit snugly without cutting off circulation – they should be tight but comfortable, like a reassuring hug. Ensure they’re designed for skateboarding because, just like in every superhero team, specialization matters. And don’t forget to check for durability and quality materials because skimping here could mean a less protective pad.

By wrapping yourself in this armor of pads, you’re not just protecting your body; you’re ensuring that the stoke, the joy of electric skateboarding, continues uninterrupted by preventable injuries. Whether it’s a casual ride to the coffee shop or mastering a new trick at the skate park, slipping into protective pads is the silent vow you make with fun itself to keep the good times rolling, grind after grind.

Remember, in the grand skatepark of life, wearing protective pads is the equivalent of gearing up for an epic session – you’re prepped for anything the concrete waves throw at you. So suit up, hit the throttle, and cruise with confidence knowing you’re covered on all fronts. Adventures await, and you’re more than ready to roll.

Image of different types of protective pads for skateboarding. Avoid using words, letters or labels in the image when possible.

Lights and Reflective Gear

Why Lights and Reflective Gear are a Game Changer for Night-Time Rides

Ever cruised down a city street under the moonlight on your electric skateboard? The night brings a whole new vibe to skateboarding, transforming familiar paths into fresh adventures. But with the excitement of the night, comes a heightened need for visibility. That’s where lights and reflective gear become your nighttime skateboarding MVPs. Let’s light up the reasons why!


  1. Spot and Be Spotted: Imagine you’re skating down a dimly lit street; with lights attached to your board or helmet, you become a visible beacon to others. Lights not only help you see where you’re going but also ensure drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians can see you coming from a distance. It’s all about avoiding surprises for a smooth ride.
  2. Navigating Like a Pro: Potholes, sticks, rocks – the boogeymen of skateboarding that lurk in the shadows. With a powerful light, these hidden hazards can’t catch you off guard. Illuminate your path to easily spot and steer clear of potential wipeouts waiting to happen.
  3. Expression Through Illumination: Lights are more than just safety features; they’re opportunities to express your style. Choose from different colors and flashing modes to match your vibe. Skateboarding at night isn’t just safer with lights; it’s a rolling light show that screams ‘you’.


  1. A 360° Safety Halo: While lights do an excellent job at making you visible from the front and back, reflective gear takes it up a notch by shining brightly under lights from any direction. It’s like having a 360-degree safety shield around you. Reflective straps, vests, or stickers on your helmet and board cast back light directly to its source, making sure you catch the eye of anyone nearby.
  2. Passive Protection Power: The beauty of reflective gear is in its passive nature. No batteries required and zero maintenance. It’s always on guard, ready to light up when light hits it. Whether it’s the headlights of a car or the flashlight of a late-night jogger, reflective gear responds instantly, marking your presence in the dark.
  3. Stylish and Safe: Reflective gear has come a long way from the standard silver strips. Now available in a variety of patterns, shapes, and colors, it lets you personalize your safety gear. Safety doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it should be as dynamic and expressive as skateboarding itself.

As electric skateboarding continues its ride into the future, integrating safety with style isn’t just an option; it’s essential. Nights hold endless possibilities for adventure, exploration, and fun. By making lights and reflective gear indispensable companions for your nocturnal rides, you’re not just protecting yourself; you’re ensuring that every ride is as safe as it is exhilarating. Let’s keep the thrill alive by lighting up our presence and staying visible, because in the world of night-time skateboarding, being seen is just as important as seeing. Now go on, light it up and carve the night away!

Image of a person skateboarding at night with lights and reflective gear for safety. Avoid using words, letters or labels in the image when possible.

As we’ve seen, the right gear makes all the difference in electric skateboarding. It’s not just about looking good or following rules; it’s about embracing a lifestyle where safety enhances the fun rather than hindering it. By choosing to wear helmets, protective pads, and using lights and reflective gear, you’re making a statement that you value your adventures enough to want many more in the future. Let’s keep pushing forward, equipped with knowledge and gear that lets us enjoy every ride to its fullest.

Matt Powell