Maximizing the Electric Skateboard Experience: Essential Apps to Consider

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  11 min read

In the thrilling world of electric skateboarding, apps have emerged as integral game-changers, revolutionizing the sport far beyond just cruising on the pavement. Offering unprecedented control, customization, and insight to riders, electric skateboard apps not only enhance your ride but make it safer and more efficient. They transcend the physical boundaries of the skateboard by providing a level of interaction that was unfathomable just a few years ago. This essay delves deep into the realm of these apps, illustrating their importance, discussing the current best in the market, illustrating how they can be harnessed for achieving superior performance, and speculating about their future trends and innovations.

Importance of Electric Skateboard Apps

The Power of Electric Skateboard Apps: Sharpening Your Ride Experience

Electric skateboard enthusiasts, here’s the thing. The thrill isn’t only about the speed or rugged roads you brave. It’s also about harnessing the power contained in that smartphone nestled in your pocket. The importance of electric skateboard apps in improving the ride experience cannot be overstated, delivering a sense of control, convenience, performance tracking, and safety right under your thumb.

First things first, and this is a big one, electric skateboard apps provide real-time, critical ride diagnostics. Both new and seasoned riders can benefit from data such as battery level, current speed, and distance covered. These metrics let riders regulate their ride habits, carefully keep tabs on their board’s health, and know when it’s time for a charge or even a maintenance check.

Having control at your fingertips is yet another major perk! App controls can be a game-changer in taming that powerful beast under your feet, managing parameters like max speed or acceleration curves. Tweak the configuration in real-time for optimum comfort and performance. Whether it’s a mellow ride on a sunny boulevard or an adrenaline-filled downhill, electronic skateboard apps enhance the personal adaptability of your board.

Equally important, these apps help riders to track personal progress. If you’re practicing a new trick or just trying to master a smooth ride, your app logs data tracking which could prove useful. Review your average speed, longest ride, or battery consumption patterns. Challenge yourself each time with particular goals for improvement. The stats don’t lie and improvements, however minute, are a push in the right path.

The cream of the crop, however, is the added security layers these apps bring. Some offer features like geo-fencing alerts, anti-theft measures, and emergency contacts notification in case of accidents. Others help new riders by providing instructional videos and tips.

Moreover, being part of an active community of electric skateboarding devotees is a sweet bonus feature of some apps. Interact, share your tracks, and learn from a network of fellow riders. Best practices, newbie tips, or simply catching up with the exciting world of e-boarding, it’s all right there!

So, there you have it, electric skateboard apps sweep far beyond the basic need for speed adjustment or battery level checking. They are a potent tool in your arsenal for improving the e-boarding voyage. They give dedicated riders the edge and make beginners’ journey less daunting. A quick download, a few swipes, and dialing in your ultimate ride has never been easier and more efficient.

Get those wheels rolling, app in hand, and enjoy the ride folks because electric skateboarding is not just about the journey, it’s about mastering it! Sounds empowering, doesn’t it? Well, go check it out yourself and get the digital sidekick for your rad board!

Electrify your experience and ensure your ride is not just good, but top-notch. Embrace the techy wave and ride it all the way into the sunset because who said the old-school skateboarding can’t evolve into anything cooler? Ultimately, it’s all about mixing the thrill of speed, tech, and convenience to give you the perfect ride. The electric skateboard apps are here for that, ensuring every ride is the ride of your life! Keep cruising, keep exploring, and remember, the road forward is electrifying! So, why not make the most of it? Aim high, aim smart!

Image of a person using an electric skateboard app on their smartphone, showing their ride statistics and adjusting settings

Best Electric Skateboard Apps

The Palette of Power: Top Electric Skateboard Apps for the Modern Rider

Staying connected on your ride no longer means just getting the occasional text or email alert on your phone. Discrete, efficient, and insightful – electric skateboard apps have transformed the way riders interact with their boards. With your smartphone as the remote control, hub, and record keeper, all it takes is the right app to turn a simple board ride into a completely immersive experience.

  1. Boosted Boards App
  2. The Boosted Boards App stands tall in the skateboarding sector, impressing riders with its sleek interface design and practical features. The real-time speed and range updates allow for a safe ride, while the detailed ride logs provide useful insights for enhancing your riding experience. The app also includes a detailed guide to maintaining your board and troubleshooting common issues.

  3. Acton
  4. With a dynamic interface, Acton offers a plethora of impressive features that enhance a rider’s control over their skateboard. You can connect multiple boards, switch between them, and adjust settings on the fly. Additionally, you can track your rides, record the distance traveled, and monitor your battery status in real time.

  5. Evolve Skateboards
  6. This app brings rider customization to the forefront. Alongside providing real-time diagnostic information such as board speed and battery life, it enables you to customize your ride by flicking between 4 pre-set speed modes. Its route recording and tracking function enables you to relive each ride and push yourself further each time.

  7. Inboard Vision App
  8. The Inboard Vision App is notable for its comprehensive log of computing ride data. The rider is empowered with data on board settings, distance travelled, and battery life. An engaging interface offers quick adjustments to alter your ride’s parameters, letting you tweak your ride to your liking.

  9. Raptor 2 App
  10. The Raptor 2 App sets itself apart with its innovative sliding scale system for settings adjustment like torque, acceleration, and breaking. Aside from convenient control options, this app extends an open invitation to be part of a thriving community of Raptor riders, giving you the chance to share experiences, tips, and tricks.

  11. Mellow Boards
  12. Mellow Boards App highlights its “Pro Ride” mode, granting the rider an advanced level of control like no other. The app analytics provide a meticulous breakdown of your rides, while a unique flight-safe mode puts a cap on battery life, making it a go-to app for frequent flyers.

These top-tier electric skateboard apps take the ride experience to another level. Equipped with precision controls, real-time stats, and a sense of community, they ensure every ride you take is unforgettable. As technology moves forward, the line between rider and board blurs, fusing into a seamless blend of man and machine. Buckle up for every ride with one of these versatile apps, and make every road your stage!

Image of a person riding an electric skateboard with a smartphone in their hand, representing the use of electric skateboard apps.

How to Utilize Apps to Boost Performance

Skateboarding has wildly evolved into the realm of technology with the onset of electric boards, giving birth to a wholly innovative experience for riders globally. What’s making this transformation even more electrifying are the dedicated electric skateboard apps, promising to further enhance the experience and performance. Let’s dive deeper into a few notable apps that are making waves in the field.

1. The Boosted Boards App:

This application is all about helping you master the craft of riding. It provides the option of adjusting your board’s power and speed according to your skill level. Access to firmware updates to keep your board running smoothly, and tutorials on how to capitalize on your board’s performance, take this app to the next level.

2. Acton App:

The Acton app is revolutionizing the way riders interact and understand their board. The built-in social networking platform gives riders the ability to chart and share their rides while challenging others to beat their record. For those interested in the statistical side, it also provides data on miles ridden, terrain covered, and carbon savings captured.

3. Evolve Skateboards App:

This app offers a feature that allows users to switch between different riding modes – eco, fast, and GT. Each mode presents unique riding dynamics in relation to speed and power consumption. It also gifts you with the ability to contact customer support right from the app, epitomizing convenience.

4. Inboard Vision App:

This intelligently designed piece of software goes beyond the usual features and offers an integrated LED lighting control. Not only does this maximize riding safety, but it also adds an element of style. It additionally provides you with shopping features, making it the go-to e-commerce platform for all your boarding needs.

5. Raptor 2 App:

The Raptor 2 app specializes in precision gauges that provide detailed feedback on current speed, power usage, and battery life. By granting comprehensive insight into the board’s performance, it equips riders to finely tune their ride, optimizing their overall experience.

6. Mellow Boards App:

Mellow Boards differentiate themselves through an integrated mobile charging feature. Here, the user can utilize their skateboard’s remaining battery to juice up their phone on the move. A four ride mode range, from rookie to pro, ensures flexibility and growth in the rider’s learning curve.

Each of these applications is purpose-built to elevate your ride experience through extensive data, fine-tuning controls, and engaging communities, or even just powering your phone! Electric skateboard apps are pythoning the world of e-boarding, ensuring a rewarding and evolving dyad with technology. Use them wisely, and shatter your riding limitations. This is the new wave in skateboarding, ride it!

Electric skateboarding: Apps revolutionizing the ride experience

Future of Electric Skateboard Apps

The integration of smart technology into electric skateboard culture presents endless possibilities for the future. As the world grows increasingly digital, the evolution of electric skateboard apps paves the way for a truly immersive, tech-savvy skateboarding experience.

Imagine the possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) merging with the skateboarding realm. In the near future, skateboard apps could include features that allow riders to explore virtual skate parks or overlay exciting routes on real-world terrains in real-time. The melding of technology and sport could create a fully immersive skateboarding experience, revolutionizing the ways riders interact with their environment and each other.

Another key area for evolution is the sphere of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Right now, riders can track their progress, adjust their board, and connect with communities through their apps. However, with AI advancements, skateboard apps might predict rider habits, suggest optimized board adjustments, recommend routes, and even provide personalized training plans to help riders shatter their own top scores. They might utilize machine learning to analyze riding patterns and propose detailed methods to improve performance.

Imagine an app that could send alerts about approaching traffic or obstacles on your chosen route, making your journey safer and smoother. This isn’t a far-off idea either. Along with AI, advancements in the Internet of Things could allow skateboards to communicate with other devices, gathering real-time information that could greatly enhance the riding experience. With the IoT, riders could have access to real-time warnings about their board’s health, traffic alerts, and even weather updates, skating toward a safer and more enjoyable ride.

Expanding the services offered by electric skateboard apps to enhance the overall riding experience could also become a reality. The integration of voice-controlled digital assistants could make controlling and customizing the ride even simpler, and open up possibilities for hands-free controls. Plus, further integration with popular platforms could mean automatic sharing of achievements and routes with friends or easy access to popular soundtrack playlists for superior skate sessions.

Furthermore, virtual races or challenges could become a cornerstone of electric skateboard app development. Competing with friends or other riders around the world in real-time can give rise to a more interactive and engaging skateboarding community. Unlockable achievements or rewards based on miles ridden or tricks executed could celebrate rider achievements and add a fun edge to the skateboarding experience.

In essence, the future of electric skateboard apps is promising, dynamic, and full of potential. As technology continues to advance, the intersection between the digital and physical worlds will keep blurring. For the riders enriched by this hobby, the future holds an exhilarating ride, full of fascinating digital enhancements that promise to make every turn and trick an unforgettable experience. So, hang tight skateboard enthusiasts, electrifying times lie ahead.

A person riding an electric skateboard with a smartphone in hand, showcasing the integration of technology and skateboarding.

As we cruise into the future, the vital role of electric skateboarding apps is poised to grow even more. Anticipated advancements in technology unlock almost limitless potential to augment the user experience in ways we might not yet imagine. From more accurate diagnostics, enhanced safety features, to sophisticated tracking and planning, the ride is guaranteed to get a lot more exhilarating for e-skaters around the world. Ultimately, the future of electric skateboard user experience will be influenced just as much by the evolution of the skateboards themselves as it will be defined by the progression of these insightful, empowering apps.

Matt Powell