Personalize Your E-Skate Experience

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  10 min read

Electric skateboarding isn’t just a thrilling mode of transportation; it’s a craft that marries technology with the time-honored tradition of personal expression. By understanding the intricate dance of motor, battery, and electronic speed controller, enthusiasts like you and I dive into a world of potential, unlocking a ride that’s intimately ours. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a curious newcomer, learning the fundamentals of electric skateboard mechanics is your ticket to a more enjoyable, customized experience. Riding an electric skateboard can evolve beyond a hobby into a signature extension of one’s personal style and preferences.

Understanding Electric Skateboard Basics

Title: Mastering Electric Skateboard Fundamentals for an Electrifying Ride!

Electric skateboarding isn’t just about hopping on a deck with wheels that buzz beneath you – oh no, it’s a craft, a series of skills that, when honed, elevate your gliding experience from mere transportation to an art form. For those who’ve felt the thrill of the ride but want to turn every pavement into a stage for their craftsmanship, mastering the fundamentals is key to an enhanced riding experience. Let’s dive into the core techniques that can turn even mundane commutes into escapades of joy.

Getting Comfortable with Your Board – The Road to Acquaintanceship

Before you can fly, you’ve got to get familiar with your wings. Your electric skateboard is your partner in this journey, which means you need to know it like the back of your hand. Start by understanding your stance – are you regular or goofy footed? Then, adjust your trucks to be flexible for turning but stable enough for speed. Spend quality time just standing on your board while it’s stationary. Balance is the invisible thread holding your skills together, so make it second nature!

Developing a Stance – The Foundation of Fluidity

A good stance is the anchor for everything that comes next. Knees should be slightly bent, creating a lower center of gravity. This position isn’t just for stability; it’s your springboard for maneuverability. Balance your weight between your feet and learn to shift it subtly as you move – your body’s response will soon become instinctive.

Control & Steering – The Dance of Direction

Your electric skateboard comes alive at the flick of a trigger or push of a button. Learn to modulate the throttle like a maestro, starting with gentle acceleration and deceleration. Smoothness is your friend here; seamless transitions in speed are what give the ride its elegant flow.

When it comes to steering, lean into the curves with your body, not just your feet. Picture an invisible line you’re carving along the road and let your whole body follow that contour. It’s not just about turning wheels; it’s about charting a path that feels natural.

Braking – The Art of Halting Poetically

While stopping might seem antithetical to the joy of riding, knowing how to brake properly is crucial for a confident ride. Practice controlled braking in a safe area – start by feathering the brake, gaining a feel for how your electric skateboard responds. This isn’t just about safety; it’s about having the precision to stop on a dime to, say, admire a stellar sunset or avoid unwelcome obstacles.

Battery Management – The Pulse of Your Journey

Understand your electric skateboard’s battery life like a smartphone user gauges their daily usage – with strategic insight. Gauge distances and battery usage to ensure you have enough juice for your adventures. Become adept at reading the terrain; uphill rides drain more power while flat stretches are your battery’s R&R. Know your range and plan accordingly.

Maintenance – The Ritual of Care

Regular maintenance is the mundane magic that keeps your board in peak condition. Cleaning your board, checking for any loose components, and ensuring the battery is in good health will not only prolong the life of your skateboard but will ensure each ride is as smooth as the first. One should never underestimate the power of well-tuned bearings or a pristine deck.

Advanced Techniques – Elevating Your Ride

Once the fundamentals are as natural as breathing, it’s time to sprinkle in some advanced moves. Carving out tight S-turns, using your rear foot like a rudder for sharp turns, or mastering the manual brake technique can transform your ride into one that stirs the soul.

A mastered glide on an electric skateboard has no equal; it’s a symphony of motion and grace. Every nuanced skill layered upon the fundamentals strengthens the bond between rider and board, providing a ride experience brimming with confidence and elegance. Practice diligently, respect the process, and watch as every push of the button unfurls possibilities beneath your feet. Become not just a rider, but a connoisseur of the electric skateboarding art, and watch the world unfold in exhilarating new ways.

A person riding an electric skateboard gracefully on a sunny day.

Customizable Settings and Modifications

Amping Up Your E-Skateboard Game: Essential Mods for Personalization

Do you want to turn your e-skateboard from a standard ride into a head-turning piece of personalized tech? It’s time to dive into the world of e-skateboarding modifications. Let’s tweak, tune, and transform that board into something that not only matches your riding style but also shouts your personality from the streets. No more blending in with the crowd; it’s time to stand out!

Deck Customization

First things first, the deck. The soul of any skateboard, electric or not, is its deck. Swapping out your stock deck for a customized one can significantly alter the look and feel. Look into decks with various shapes, sizes, and graphics that resonate with your personal aesthetic. Want to make a statement? Custom grip tape can really put a signature on your ride.

Wheel Wonders

Rolling on to wheels, it’s not just about looks—performance matters. Larger wheels can handle rough terrain better and smaller ones cater to those who need more torque and quick acceleration. Experiment with different hardness levels too, as softer wheels tend to grip the road better, offering a smoother ride, while harder wheels will give you more slide and speed.

Motor Mastery

If speed is your need, consider upgrading the motor. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility; ensure your board’s structure can handle the increased output. A stronger motor can offer faster acceleration and a higher top speed, yet it might be more draining on your battery. Balance is key here.

Battery Boost

Speaking of which, the lifeblood of any e-skateboard: the battery. Perhaps consider an upgrade to a longer-lasting battery for extended rides, or even a lighter one to reduce the overall weight. Just be sure the new battery is compatible with your board’s voltage and capacity requirements.

Technological Touches

Personalization isn’t only mechanical. In the digital age, adding some tech flair can push your board to the next level. LED lights with customizable colors and patterns will not only make your board look cool when night falls but also add an essential safety feature. Advanced remote controls or smartphone apps can give you greater control over your ride, allowing for customized acceleration curves and braking sensitivity.

Trucks and Bushings

The right adjustment of trucks and a set of bushings tailored to your weight and riding style can change your e-skateboarding experience. They determine how your board turns and handles. A tighter setup will offer stability at high speeds, while looser trucks will make carving and sharp turns a breeze. Check out different bushing shapes and durometers to find what works best for you.

Sound Systems

For some, the ride isn’t complete without their favorite tunes. If you’re among those riders, consider installing a portable, Bluetooth speaker system on your board. With that, your personalized soundtrack will follow wherever your wheels take you.

Protective Gear Customization

Never forget that safety can still be stylish. Helmets, pads, and gloves can all be tailored and should match the intensity of your e-skateboarding activities. Plus, with custom designs and colors, safety gear can complement your overall look.

A personalized e-skateboard is about more than just aesthetics; it’s a fusion of style, functionality, and performance. Each mod should be a deliberate choice, reflecting your personal riding habits and aesthetic preferences. Now, with these modification tips in your toolkit, your e-skateboard can truly be an extension of yourself. Ride on, riders, in your own unique style!

Illustration of a person customizing an electric skateboard, adding different modifications to enhance its appearance and performance.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Shifting the focus from the basics to comfort enhancements, it’s time to explore how to make that electric skateboard cruise a whole lot cushier. Here are some ergonomic tweaks to consider for that perfect ride:

Upgrade to a grip tape that provides a balance between comfort for your feet and enough traction to remain stable at high speeds. Look out for cushioned grip tape options that dampen vibration without sacrificing control.

A simple yet impactful change is fitting your deck with ergonomic footpads. These provide a more comfortable platform, reducing fatigue on your feet during prolonged rides. They also absorb some of the shocks from uneven terrain, making for a smoother experience.

Installing riser pads or shock pads between the trucks and the deck can significantly improve ride comfort. They’re especially useful for those who find themselves on rough surfaces as they help in reducing vibration transmitted through the board.

For electric skateboarders who prefer using foot straps for better control, ensure they are adjustable to fit comfortably around your footwear. Padded straps can prevent chafing and blistering on longer sessions.

Maintaining a natural wrist position is critical when operating the skateboard’s remote for extended periods. Opt for a remote with an ergonomic design that fits well in the palm and minimizes wrist strain.

Experiment with varying the angles of your trucks’ mounting to customize your stance. Angled risers can tilt the deck to align more naturally with the angle of your feet and legs, providing a more comfortable position.

Though not a direct modification to the skateboard, what you wear plays a significant role in your overall comfort. Choose breathable, flexible clothing and skate shoes with adequate cushioning.

For a comfy ride, think beyond just falling protection. Padded shorts and knee pads should have a snug fit without restricting movement, offering both safety and extra comfort.

Remember, comfort is highly subjective. Not every ergonomic tweak will be a perfect fit for every rider, so it’s essential to assess what changes will enhance your personal riding enjoyment. And that marks the end of this guide – hopeful that these pointers will shape your electric skateboarding into a cozy and snug hobby that’s all about the joy in the journey. Happy skating!

Illustration of a person riding an electric skateboard comfortably and enjoying the journey.

Embracing the electric skateboarding lifestyle means more than just coasting on technological innovation; it involves a continuous journey of refinement and personalization. As you journey on two wheels, remember that the true joy of electric skateboarding lies in shaping it to be uniquely yours. By fine-tuning each element, from hardware tweaks to ergonomic adjustments, you unlock a level of comfort and performance that resonates with your individuality. Let your electric skateboard be more than a mere gadget; make it a testament to your ingenuity and a companion in your quest for the ultimate ride.

Matt Powell