Shake off woes with Shock-Absorbing Electric Skateboards

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  7 min read

From offering an eco-friendly commute alternative to serving as a thrilling recreation sport, electric skateboards continue to evolve, improving performance and safety features with each upgrade. Chief among these upgrades are the shock-absorbing features which drastically alter the riding experience, shielding the rider from the harsh jolts of a rough terrain. When electric skateboards are equipped with efficient shock absorbers, the ride instantly becomes smoother, more comfortable, and safer. This essay is your deep dive into the world of shock-absorbing electric skateboards to help you appreciate the technology behind that smooth ride and to bring into focus the top-performing boards in the market today.

Understanding Shock-Absorbing Features in Electric Skateboards

Navigating the exciting terrain of electric skateboarding isn’t just about speed and skill, it’s also about understanding all the different components that make up this fantastic hobby. One such crucial component that significantly impacts the ride and user experience is the shock-absorbing feature. This feature deserves our attention because it actively contributes to a smooth ride, especially while skyrocketing across rugged terrain.

Shock absorption in electric skateboards generally pertains to a structure or material that reduces the impact or sudden jolt due to irregularities on riding surfaces. Just like shocks in a car or bike, shocks in an electric skateboard are there to absorb disturbances from the surface, maintain ride stability, and increase comfort.

Most people might be quite surprised to know the various places where these shock-absorbing features are implemented in an electric skateboard. The typical suspects include the deck, the wheels, the trucks, and sometimes additional hardware like rubber risers.

Starting from the top – the deck, it can be made from various materials, including maple, bamboo, or even carbon fiber. These materials possess the ability to flex and absorb some of the shocks from riding on uneven surfaces. Bamboo is particularly noted for its flexibility and natural shock absorbance.

Next, we move to the wheels. The hardness or softness of these wheels play a crucial role in shock absorption. Softer wheels will provide a smoother ride as they adapt better to road imperfections. Still, they also wear out faster. On the other hand, harder wheels will be more durable but offer a less smooth ride.

Then there are the trucks of the skateboard. Good quality trucks with appropriate bushings not only ensure better control of the board but also actively contribute to shock absorption. Additionally, some high-end electric skateboards even have specialized suspension trucks, specifically designed to absorb shocks.

Looking for a little extra easing up of the ride? Try adding rubber risers! They are little elements placed between the deck and the trucks. These risers quite literally elevate the distance between the deck and the ground, allowing for more ‘give’, hence better shock absorption, especially during those high-speed downhill journeys.

In conclusion, the shock-absorbing feature in electric skateboards is a blend of design and material choice harmoniously working together. Understanding these aspects can genuinely improve the ride and the overall enjoyment of this thrilling hobby. So, next time you hit the pavements, you’ll appreciate the smooth sailing even more, knowing the science behind it. Happy skateboarding!

An image showing an electric skateboard with shock absorbers built into the deck and wheels, contributing to a smoother ride

The Advantages of Shock-Absorbing Electric Skateboards

Why Shock Absorption is Key to a Stellar Electric Skateboarding Experience

In the world of electric skateboarding, the ability of your board to absorb shock is more than just an added feature, it’s a necessity. One of the core reasons is the preservation of your overall riding comfort. A board that sufficiently mitigates the harsh shakes and jolts allows for those extended, enjoyable rides without leaving you with aching feet and joints.

Equally critical is the protection factor. A good shock absorbing system in your board not only guards you against immediate accidents on rough surfaces but also ensures the longevity of your electric components by reducing the strain on them. More often than not, it’s the sudden jerks and bumps that cause the most damage to your skateboard’s circuitry.

What many may not realize is how central shock absorption is to maintaining better control and maneuverability. Ever tried taking a sharp turn while riding at top speed on a bumpy road with a stiff board? Not the best move unless your board is equipped to dampen those shocks. Superior shock absorption allows for responsive handling, empowering you to take swift actions as per the terrain and traffic.

Speaking of terrains, this is where shock absorption really makes a difference. Be it the cracked sidewalks, gravel-filled roads, or those pesky speed bumps on otherwise smooth streets, the versatility provided by a great shock absorption system lets you conquer these with relative ease. You don’t have to limit your ride to a certain kind of surfaces; with the right mechanics, you get the liberty to explore varying terrains.

All said, it’s not just about individual shock-absorbing aspects but rather how they dovetail together to provide a sublime electric skateboarding experience. The right concoction of flexible deck, softer wheels, adjustable trucks, optionally added rubber risers, and a good sense of weight distribution all play significant roles in this. Next time you’re on your board, remember, every smooth turn, every sudden brake, every bump overcome has an intricate science backing it. After all, it’s these microscopic vibrations that make the macroscopic difference in your zealous chase for that perfect ride. Keep rolling, keep exploring!

An image representing a skateboard with shock absorption, ensuring a smooth ride for electric skateboarders.

Best Electric Skateboards with Shock-Absorbing features

Now onto the fun part – the top electric skateboards with the best shock-absorbing characteristics one could hope for. After thoroughly researching this topic and combing through forums, user reviews, and talking with fellow enthusiasts, a few models have shown their prowess in delivering a smooth and comfortable ride.

In the forefront is the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+. This skateboard comes with an admirable shock-absorbing system. Credit is due in part to its flexible bamboo deck design that significantly cushions the bumps and uneven surfaces, making it a top-notch board for urban environments. The combined effect of the Caliber II trucks and 80A Orangatang wheels also help to minimize the shock received by riders.

Another frontrunner is the Evolve Carbon GT. It’s well-known for its carbon fiber deck that manages to maintain an unexpected amount of flexibility, effectively neutralizing the shock from rough roads. Equipped with wide ground-covering 97mm Evolve GT wheels, this board goes the extra mile to ensure that riders enjoy a stable and smooth ride regardless of terrain.

The Meepo V3 also stands out in this category. This board utilizes SHR bushings to dampen shocks and improve the overall riding experience. It also features a unique layering of maple wood and bamboo in the deck, offering the resilience and flexibility to handle vibrations.

Don’t overlook the MetroboardX either. With an 11-ply maple deck, it provides excellent shock absorption, and the inclusion of large 190mm all-terrain tires allows riders to tackle all kinds of surfaces without skipping a beat.

Last but certainly not least is the Backfire G3 Plus. This model incorporates the combination of flexible carbon fiber and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wheels, which work together to cushion against unkind terrains. The Caliber II trucks also contribute to excellent shock absorption, allowing riders to ride breaking free from discomfort.

These boards mentioned are quite impressive, each with its unique features contributing to shock absorption and giving riders an exhilarating, smooth, and safe ride.

For an enjoyable journey, always remember to go for the electric skateboard with the best shock-absorbing features. It not only guarantees comfort but also provides better control and stability, even on rough terrains. Happy skating!

Image showing a collection of electric skateboards with shock-absorbing features for a smooth ride, suitable for both urban and rough terrains

Shock absorption in electric skateboards is a game-changer, not just enhancing the riding experience but also adding an invaluable layer of safety. By understanding the dynamics of shock-absorbing features, one can fully appreciate their transformational role in the realm of electric skateboarding. Furthermore, with the information provided on top-performing electric skateboards equipped with superior shock-absorption technology, you, as enthusiasts or hobbyists, are better placed to select the best board that meets your performance expectations and budgetary capability. Here’s to smoother, safer, and more fun-filled rides on your upgraded electric skateboards!

Matt Powell