Top 3 Hub Motor Picks for E-Skateboards

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/17/24 •  15 min read

Electric skateboards are zooming into the future with some pretty awesome technology, and one of the coolest parts of that tech is hub-driven motors. These motors aren’t just any motors; they sit snugly in the wheel and give electric skateboards a sleek look while making your ride super smooth. If you’ve ever wondered why these skateboards ride like a dream or how they can go so fast, it’s all thanks to the amazing hub-driven motors we’re going to dive into. Ready to get powered up on all the deets from how they work to which ones are the best bang for your buck? Let’s roll!

Understanding Hub-Driven Motors

Electric skateboards are thrilling ways to zip around town, and when it comes to their motors, not all are created equal. Hub-driven motors are a game-changer in the electric skateboard sphere and they’ve got some serious advantages over their belt-driven cousins.

So, what exactly sets hub-driven motors apart? First off, let’s talk stealth and simplicity. Hub motors are built directly into the wheels, which means they’re nearly invisible to the casual observer—no bulky components sticking out. This sleek integration not only looks cooler but also cuts down on the number of moving parts. Fewer parts mean fewer things that can go wrong, making hub-driven boards a lower-maintenance option. Who’s got time for fussy gadgets? Not us!

When it comes to getting moving, hub motors are smooth operators. They offer a more seamless acceleration and braking experience compared to the jerkier start of belt-driven boards. If you’re cruising through the streets, you want that easy, controlled speed, not a sudden lurch that can throw you off balance. And speaking of control, hub-driven motors are often paired with regenerative braking systems. In other words, when you hit the brakes, not only do you slow down safely, but you also feed some juice back into the battery. It’s like getting a sip of energy for your board every time you need to stop. Talk about efficiency!

Noise? Practically nonexistent with hub motors. They purr along quietly, leaving the noisy grind of belt-driven motors in the dust. Whether you’re sneaking out for a midnight ride or just want to enjoy the peace of your environment, the stealthy sound of hub-driven motors won’t disturb the vibe.

Durability is another plus. With their compact design, hub motors are less vulnerable to impact and debris from the road. This means you can keep rolling over rough terrain without stressing about your motor. They’re tough little units.

Let’s not forget about performance. Hub-driven motors are known for their consistent delivery of power to the skateboard wheels. This translates to a more predictable ride. Sure, they might not offer the same torque as belt-driven motors, which can impact performance on hills, but for flat-ground riders focused on a smooth and stable ride, hubs are the way to go.

Affordability is the cherry on top. Generally speaking, electric skateboards with hub motors tend to be more budget-friendly than their belt-driven counterparts. If you’re eyeing the electric skateboard scene with an eye on your wallet, a hub motor could be your entry ticket to electric adventures without breaking the bank.

Rounding it up, hub-driven motors are a blend of sleek design, low maintenance, smooth riding experience, quiet operation, durability, consistent performance, and affordability. They’re a top choice for riders looking for a fuss-free, enjoyable ride on their electric skateboard. So, if you’re in the market for an e-board and want one that’s going to give you a smooth, stealthy cruising experience without a ton of upkeep or noise, you’ll want to check out a board with a hub-driven motor. Get ready to roll into the future with style and confidence!

Electric skateboard with hub-driven motors, demonstrating sleek design and low maintenance features

Performance and Power Output

When charging down the street on an electric skateboard, the thrill of the ride is all about how swiftly and smoothly it can go. But what’s behind this zest for zest? The power output of the skateboard’s motor, that’s what! Understanding power output is key to unlocking the performance potential in electric skateboards, and for those that sport hub-driven motors, it’s a particularly nifty part of the puzzle.

Power Output Unleashed: The Heart of Your E-Skateboard’s Vroom

In the realm of electric skateboards, power output is like the supercharge button on your game controller. It’s measured in watts, and it tells you just how much vroom your board can muster. The higher the wattage, the more power at the skateboard’s disposal to zoom up hills, accelerate like a champ from a standstill, and keep up a spiffy speed even when the wind’s blowing head-on.

Say Hello to Torque: The Twist and Shout of Skateboards

Now, power output isn’t just about raw energy; it’s also about torque. Uh huh, just like in your favorite action-packed spy flick where the fancy car twists and turns on a dime, torque in electric skateboards is about twisting power. Hub motors with higher power output can offer more torque, which translates into faster acceleration and the agility to tackle hills without huffing and puffing.

Balancing Act: Power vs. Battery Life

But before you go chasing after the skateboard with the most monstrous motor you can find, remember: with great power comes…well, the need for a great battery. Motors with higher power output can drain your battery faster. It’s like having a bigger engine that guzzles more gas. So, manufacturers balance the power output with battery capacity to keep you rolling longer. It’s a tango between the thrill of speed and the practicality of paddle time.

Weighty Matters: The Lighter Side of Power

Another thing to keep in mind is weight. Generally, a more powerful hub motor might be heftier due to sturdier components needed to handle the increased power. Yet, many skateboards still manage to keep things light and easy. A lightweight, yet powerful electric skateboard gives you the oomph without the grunt, making for a ride that’s easy to carry around when you’re off the clock.

Fine-Tuning Speed: Not Too Fast, Just Right

Lastly, the power output also influences the top speed of an electric skateboard. Brands often set a limit on how fast their skateboards can go for safety reasons—let’s face it, rocketing down the sidewalk at race car speeds on a skateboard might raise a few eyebrows. A well-designed skateboard with a balanced power output will get you where you need to go with zip, all the while keeping safety in the driver’s seat.

The Hub of the Matter: Making Choice Performances

In the end, the power output of electric skateboards with hub-driven motors is about more than just the joy of the ride. It’s about choosing a board that suits your riding style—whether you’re out for a leisurely cruise or a dash around the bends. It’s the hardware that promises a smooth, dependable, and delightful skateboarding experience. So next time you step on an e-skateboard, think about the power beneath your feet, propelling you forward into the world of electric thrills!

Image of an electric skateboard with a powerful motor and zooming down the street.

Durability and Maintenance

Okay, let’s shift gears and get into the nitty-gritty of maintaining hub-driven motors on electric skateboards. This isn’t your average skateboard, and that means it needs a bit more TLC to keep gliding smooth and fast.

First off, let’s talk about cleaning. Keeping your skateboard tidy isn’t just about looking good, it’s vital for performance. Dirt and grit can sneak into the motor and cause friction – that’s a big no-no. You’ll want to give your board a good wipe down after each ride, especially if you’ve cruised through dust or puddles. Use a soft cloth for the body and a toothbrush for those hard-to-reach spots near the motor. But remember, water and electronics are like oil and water – they don’t mix. So, keep that cleaning on the dry side to avoid any electrical mishaps.

Lubrication is the secret sauce to a smooth ride. It’s like the skateboard’s version of morning coffee – it just makes everything run better. You’ll want to lubricate the bearings regularly, but never overdo it with the motor. Hub motors are typically sealed and don’t need frequent oiling. In fact, getting lubricant inside could cause damage. Follow your skateboard’s manual to a tee when it comes to this.

Heat is the enemy of electric components, and hub motors can get pretty toasty. To ensure they stay cool, give them time to breathe. If you’ve been pushing your board to the limit, let it rest before charging it up or taking it out for another spin. Overworking the motor isn’t cool (pun intended).

Let’s talk about checks and replacements. Regular inspections can prevent a small issue from becoming a big problem. Screws can loosen over time, and if they do, it could lead to misalignment or other issues that strain the motor. Make sure everything is snug and secure, but don’t go overboard tightening screws – metals and threads can strip, and that’s just asking for trouble.

Batteries are the skateboard’s heartbeat, and they need respect. Different boards have different battery setups, so consult your manual for the dos and don’ts. Generally, keeping it charged and away from extreme temperatures will help prolong its life. Also, avoid fully depleting the battery regularly – that puts unnecessary strain on it. Charge as recommended and keep it at a happy medium when not in use.

Software updates can sometimes seem like an annoying chore, but with electric skateboards, they’re crucial. Manufacturers often release firmware updates that can optimize performance, including motor management. Keep your board’s software fresh and up-to-date to ensure it’s running at its best.

Lastly, storage is more important than you might think. When you’re not out shredding the streets, don’t just chuck your skateboard in the corner. Store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight and severe temperatures. Think of it like a bear hibernating for the winter – it needs the right environment to stay in tip-top shape.

Maintaining your hub-driven motor isn’t rocket science, but it does require some attention. Keep it clean, cool, and checked, and you’ll keep those wheels turning effortlessly for rides on end. It’s about respecting the tech so it can continue to bring you the thrill of the ride without any hiccups. Keep rolling on, skate enthusiasts!

Image of tools and equipment for maintaining an electric skateboard

Comparing Top Hub-Driven Motor Brands

When scouting for top-tier hub-driven motors in electric skateboards, several brands consistently rise to the top, blending state-of-the-art tech with stellar performance. The aficionados of electric skateboarding often rave about a few standout companies that lead the pack.

Boosted, although primarily recognized for its belt-driven boards, has also ventured into hub motor territory with models like the Boosted Mini. Known for their robust and refined engineering, Boosted’s offerings provide riders with a seamless blend of power and longevity, ensuring their electric skateboards are as practical as they are pleasurable to ride.

Another brand causing waves in the electric skateboarding sea is Meepo. They’re championed for incredibly responsive controls and motors robust enough to tackle inclines with ease. Plus, their boards come equipped with features that cater to both beginners and pros, making Meepo a versatile choice in the hub-driven motor space.

Then there’s the innovation titan, Evolve Skateboards. Their boards are lauded for exceptional build quality and the strength of their hub-driven units. Whether you’re cruising the streets or tackling tougher terrains, Evolve is synonymous with durability and prowess, its powertrain technology keeping riders at the forefront of e-skateboarding advancement.

In the realm of sleek design and technological excellence, Exway stands out. Their hub motors are engineered for efficiency and smoothness, complementing the cool aesthetics of their boards. Exway users often highlight the quietness of the ride, thanks to the hub motors’ minimalistic design that doesn’t compromise on thrust.

Backfire also deserves a nod for its dedication to providing quality hub motors that offer reliable performance across various riding conditions. Their electric skateboards strike a balance between speed and stability, offering riders confidence whether they’re weaving through urban landscapes or pushing limits at the park.

And, let’s not overlook WowGo, whose electric skateboards cater to the community that demands both affordability and dependable hub motor performance. The brand continues to impress with its advancements in accessible electric transportation, enabling more enthusiasts to join the e-skating movement.

For those intrigued by sophisticated tech, Inboard Technology stands as a paragon. They’ve integrated hub motors into their skateboards with such finesse that riders experience unadulterated joy from smooth and responsive rides. Inboard’s focus on creating a harmonious relationship between rider and machine is evident in their designs.

Lastly, we must mention Riptide. With a dedication to compact and agile boards, their hub-driven skateboards serve up a concoction of portability and pep. Perfect for the commuter who doesn’t want to sacrifice excitement for efficiency, Riptide boards prove that small form factors and robust hub motors can go hand-in-hand.

In summary, when you’re on the hunt for the top hub-driven electric skateboards, you’re spoiled for choice. From Meepo’s user-friendliness to Boosted’s performance pedigree, and Evolve’s all-terrain capability, right down to Exway’s aesthetic appeal – there’s a brand out there powering the ideal board for every style and need. Remember to align your priorities, whether it’s torque, top speed, or simply the joy of a quiet ride, with the specifications offered by each contender to find your perfect electric skateboard match.

Brands of electric skateboards like Boosted, Meepo, Evolve, Exway, Backfire, WowGo, Inboard, and Riptide showing a variety of options for riders

Cost-Effectiveness and Value

When it comes to electric skateboards, the quest for power and performance versus cost is an ever-present conundrum for enthusiasts and commuters alike. Hub motors stand at the forefront of this discussion, with many claiming that they strike an ideal balance between power and affordability. But the crux of the matter is whether the most powerful hub-driven motors are truly worth the investment when scrutinizing the cost-to-performance ratio.

To dissect this query, let’s consider the crème de la crème of hub motors, their sophisticated enhancements, and how they measure up against penny-wise options. The premium hub motors are renowned for their impressive torque capabilities, which essentially dictate the acceleration and the ability to conquer steep inclines. They’ve transformed electric skateboards from mere gadgets into reliable modes of urban transport.

But with these high-end motors, one must look beyond the horsepower. For instance, consider the heat management technology embodied within them—a critical yet often overlooked aspect. Premium hub motors often harbor advanced cooling systems that prevent overheating without the need for downtime, thus enhancing their longevity and consistent performance.

Let’s not overlook the minutiae of practicality. The inclusion of state-of-the-art sensors within these hub motors allows for nuanced control and an almost intuitive riding experience. These sensors act like the nerves of the skateboard, delicately balancing the dynamics between speed, torque, and rider input for a seamless journey.

Furthermore, while hub motors are acclaimed for their stealth, leading-edge devices take this a notch further. They’re virtually silent, leaving the wind’s whistle as the loudest sound during a cruise—this is sound engineering, quite literally.

But is all this tech wizardry worth the extra dollars? For the daily rider, investing in a premier hub motor is akin to opting for a sports car over a standard sedan—it’s not just about getting from A to B, it’s about how you get there. Enhanced torque means better handling and speed, while advanced cooling systems ensure the board’s longevity, thus ensuring these components pay for themselves over time.

Additionally, the most potent hub motors typically accompany high-capacity batteries. The harmony between a high-performance motor and a long-lasting battery cannot be overstated. Anyone who’s felt the frustration of a dying electric skateboard miles away from their destination can attest to the significance of this union.

To put this in perspective, let’s shine a light on futuristic skateboard designs. These boards integrate technology and power in ways that transform the riding experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Tailored software optimizes performance, updating itself regularly, much like a smartphone’s operating system. Such sophistication isn’t simply a gimmick; it’s the backbone of an efficient, modern commute that aligns with the lifestyle of a tech-savvy generation.

In conclusion, for the dedicated rider who views their electric skateboard as more than a toy—perhaps as a vital tool in their daily commute—the advantages of investing in the most powerful hub-driven motors become apparent. The upfront costs may be steeper, but what you acquire is a combination of advanced technology, unparalleled performance, and the kind of reliability that brings peace of mind—and isn’t that, in itself, priceless?

Electric skateboard with advanced hub-driven motors showcasing modern technology.

So now you’re pretty much an expert on hub-driven motors for electric skateboards! We’ve whizzed through the speed and power they bring to your ride, how to keep them rolling for years, and which brands make you feel like a pro. But most importantly, you know how to snag a motor that’s worth every penny, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned boarder. Whether you’re cruising the streets or just hanging out with friends, your electric skateboard with a top-notch hub-driven motor is sure to turn heads and keep the good times rolling. Grab your helmet, and let’s hit the pavement – your next electric adventure awaits!

Matt Powell