Top Electric Skateboards for Tricks and Stunts: A Hobbyist’s Guide

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  9 min read

The world of electric skateboarding is rapidly advancing, with cutting-edge boards hitting the streets and skateparks alike. These aren’t just your average skateboards; they’re marvels of modern technology that blend speed, agility, and design to offer enthusiasts an unparalleled riding experience. With the emergence of boards like the Boosted Mini X, Evolve GTR Series, and Inboard M1, riders now have the opportunity to push their limits further, doing tricks and stunts with exhilarating precision and power. This essay delves into the features that set these electric skateboards apart, focusing on how they cater to the dynamic needs of tricksters and thrill-seekers in the skateboarding community.

Boosted Mini X: Agility Meets Power

When the pavement calls out to your inner skater, but storage space and transportability scream for attention, compact electric skateboards rise as the heroes of the urban jungle. Built for the aficionado who cherishes agility and thrills, these nimble boards ensure that tight corners and quick maneuvers are not only possible but practically second nature.

First up, the search for a board that can breeze through sharp turns demands a look at deck design. A shorter deck with a kicktail—a staple in many compact models—gives riders the leverage to pivot and carve with finesse. Meanwhile, a board with a low center of gravity offers stability, even when pushing the limits of physics with rapid changes in direction.

Then there’s the quintessential trait that sets these electric gliders apart: the power beneath the feet. Motors that provide a responsive and controlled acceleration curve are key. Tech-savvy enthusiasts would find a delight in models featuring multiple ride modes that adjust to one’s riding style and skill level. This customizes the experience, ensuring that whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned rider, the board grows with you.

Wheels might not be the first thing that comes to mind for stunts, but they’re critical. Smaller, harder wheels can enhance trick capabilities, but if comfort is a priority, don’t overlook the smooth roll and grip larger, softer wheels offer. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between stunt performance and ride comfort.

Here’s a feature not to be underestimated: the trucks. The turning radius of a skateboard largely hinges on the flexibility and adjustability of its trucks. Look for trucks that are specifically engineered for sharp carving and quick turns. Some high-end models feature trucks that pivot and turn with almost telepathic quickness, urging riders to challenge their reflexes and balance.

Battery life may not seem directly connected to your stunt prowess, but nothing halts a training session or a joyful ride like a depleted battery. Compact boards often mean compact batteries, so keep an eye out for those that promise a longer lifespan without sacrificing the board’s weight and agility. Quick charge times are a bonus, reducing downtime and getting you back to the action swiftly.

And don’t forget about durability; boards intended for stunts need to withstand a lot of punishment. A solid build with high-quality materials will not only survive the occasional wipeout but also maintain its performance through wear and tear. Inspect the board’s construction, and consider brands with a good reputation for durability.

Lastly, when it’s about busting out stunts, safety features cannot be ignored. A reliable electric skateboard should come equipped with a dependable braking system that gives riders confidence to push their limits, knowing they can come to a smooth stop when necessary.

Board enthusiasts know that the best rides are born from a blend of power, agility, and smart engineering. With these guidelines in mind, seeking out that perfect compact electric skateboard for sharp turns and impressive stunts becomes not just a possibility, but a thrill-filled adventure waiting to unfold. No summary needed here; the ride speaks for itself!

A compact electric skateboard designed for sharp turns and impressive stunts

Evolve Skateboards GTR Series: Versatility at Its Best

The thrill doesn’t stop there! Here’s what takes an electric skateboard from great to exceptional, ensuring riders are equipped for every obstacle and trick ahead.

And with that, the stage is set. The electric skateboard that encompasses these elements is more than just a means of transportation; it’s a trusty partner in the pursuit of excitement and a continuously evolving adventure. No need for summaries, for the ride speaks for itself.

Image of an electric skateboard with various customizable features and integrated LEDs for night rides

Inboard M1: High Performance Meets Innovation

Advanced Suspension Systems

When you’re gliding across the streets or defying gravity with your coolest moves, a premium-quality suspension system is non-negotiable. Look for electric skateboards with advanced suspension that maximizes comfort and control. Enhanced shock absorption can dramatically improve riding on rough surfaces, making those landings buttery smooth.

Waterproof Rating

The last thing enthusiasts need is fretting over a sudden downpour. A higher waterproof rating is pivotal for skaters who don’t let the weather dictate their adventures. Go for a board with at least IP65 certification to ensure that splashes and spray don’t put a damper on the thrill.

Remote Control Features

Precision is king in this sport, and the right remote can make all the difference. Seek out a model with an ergonomic and intuitive remote offering real-time data display, such as speed and battery life. This not only adds to convenience but amplifies the ride’s enjoyment and safety.

Integrated Lighting

Night riders, unite! Integrated lighting is more than just cool; it’s functional. Bright LED lights contribute to visibility during those twilight rides, making the skateboard standout and signaling presence to others. It’s a modern flair that accentuates every trick while prioritizing rider safety.

Board Customization

Making a board one’s own is part of the joy. Some boards offer a range of customization options, from grip tape patterns to customizable deck skins. This allows for a personalized look that’s as unique as the rider’s style, making a statement on the streets and at the skate park.

Portable Charging

An easily portable charging solution means more time carving the pavement. Look for electric skateboards that offer compact charging options, and bonus points if there’s a fast-charge feature. A portable charger can be a game-changer for enthusiasts always on the move.

Smart App Integration

A skateboard that syncs with a smart app unlocks a new level of engagement. This functionality can allow riders to track routes, monitor performance, change riding modes, and even update firmware. It brings a tech-savvy edge to the hobby, bridging traditional thrills with digital innovation.

Environmental Considerations

In today’s world, it’s cool to care about the planet. Opt for electric skateboards that are built with eco-friendly materials or utilize renewable energy sources. Embracing a green approach enriches the experience with the satisfaction of reducing one’s carbon footprint.

Aftermarket Support

We know it’s not just about the buy; it’s about the backup. Strong aftermarket support includes access to spare parts, helpful customer service, and an active community forum. It reflects the brand’s commitment to its riders and ensures the thrill of the ride continues long after the purchase.

A skateboard gliding across a street with advanced suspension systems

Photo by joshhild on Unsplash

Through the fusion of technology and design, electric skateboards such as the Boosted Mini X, Evolve GTR Series, and Inboard M1 have redefined the skateboarding landscape, providing riders with an unmatched level of control, power, and versatility. The painstaking engineering and thoughtful features behind these boards demonstrate a commitment to skateboarding’s evolving culture, where the thrill of tricks and stunts is forever intertwined with the push for innovation. For the modern skateboarder, such boards are not just tools for travel; they are gateways to a new realm of possibility, capturing the spirit of a sport that’s continuously in motion and forever soaring to new heights.

Matt Powell