Top Mid-Range Electric Skateboards 2023

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  14 min read

With the burgeoning popularity of electric skateboards as a versatile mode of urban transport and a thrilling hobby, mid-range models have emerged as the sweet spot for enthusiasts. These electric skateboards provide a balance of performance, features, and price, making them accessible without compromising on the joy and utility they offer. Key features to consider in this segment include robust battery life, formidable motor power, durable deck materials, versatile wheel types, and tech integrations such as remote controls and smartphone apps. As we delve into the world of mid-range electric skateboards, we will explore what these dynamic rideables have to offer, ensuring you’re equipped to select a board that seamlessly aligns with your lifestyle and ambitions on the concrete wave.

Key Features to Consider

Unleashing the Thrill: What to Look for in a Top-Notch Mid-Range E-Skateboard

Have you felt the rush of the pavement zipping beneath your feet while you’re on an e-skateboard? It’s electric in every sense! For enthusiasts cruising through cityscapes or carving down boulevards, a mid-range e-skateboard is the perfect marriage of performance and budget. Whether you’re upgrading from a beginner board or looking for that sweet spot in quality and value, knowing what makes a great mid-range e-skateboard is key.

Range And Battery Life – Your Road Trip Companion

First, consider how far you want to roll. A superb mid-range e-skateboard should deliver enough battery life to keep adventures long and charging breaks minimal. Look for a board boasting a range of 10-20 miles per charge. It’s important because who likes to run out of juice when the fun’s just starting, right?

Motor Power – The Heartbeat of Your Ride

The motor decides if you’ll be the hare or the tortoise in this tale. With a solid mid-range board, expect to find motors ranging from 400-800 watts. That means a right mix of speed for thrilling your senses and sufficient torque for climbing those urban hills — all without breaking the bank.

Deck Quality – Your Foundation

A great e-skateboard feels like an extension of yourself, and it starts with the deck. In mid-range models, look for Canadian maple or bamboo decks; they provide a perfect balance between durability and flexibility. Additionally, a well-designed grip keeps your feet locked in for those daring maneuvers.

Wheels And Trucks – Keep Rolling Smooth

Good wheels and reliable trucks make all the difference. Mid-range e-skateboards should come with high-quality polyurethane wheels that grip the road and absorb those annoying bumps and cracks. Trucks should offer stability and precise control when turning. They largely dictate the board’s handling, so a bit of adjustability goes a long way.

Control And Features – Your Magic Wand

A remote control that feels natural in your hand is crucial. It should allow seamless acceleration and braking, with a user-friendly interface. Some mid-range e-skateboards also offer customizable settings and connectivity to apps, for tracking your routes and monitoring board performance.

Safety Features – Because Who Needs Abrasions?

LED lights for visibility during night rides, durable casings for electronics, and water-resistant builds are safety markers one shouldn’t compromise on. Always check for these, because no ride is enjoyable unless it’s safe.

Price Point – The Final Maze

Typically, a well-rounded mid-range e-skateboard will range from $400 to $1000. This price bracket allows for quality components without the shock of a high-end price tag. Remember, the best value comes from a blend of performance, durability, and the right features.

As you hunt for that perfect mid-range companion, weigh these features and match them with your e-skateboarding dreams. Aligning them means you’re not just choosing a board; you’re stepping onto a vehicle crafted for excitement, bound for the pulse of the street, and all without tearing your wallet to shreds. Happy boarding!

Image of a mid-range e-skateboard with sleek design and vibrant colors, ready for an exhilarating ride

Top Models and Brands

When it comes to the jam-packed world of mid-range electric skateboards, a couple of brands aren’t just cruising; they’re absolutely shredding the competition with their hot features and cool prices. So, if the need for the perfect blend of quality and affordability is the quest, look no further than these players dominating the scene.

First up, let’s skate over to Teamgee. They’re like the stealth ninjas of the e-skateboard market, offering sleek designs that are so thin you might mistake them for regular skateboards. But don’t let that fool you – these boards pack a punch with their performance, boasting integrated batteries that keep the silhouette smooth and the riders moving.

Then, dropping in from the high ramp, we have the folks at Meepo. This brand is known for providing a serious bang for the buck. It’s like they figured out the secret sauce to good, reliable boards without making wallets cry. The performance-to-price ratio here? Off the charts. Plus, Meepo’s quick swappable battery system means less time charging and more time carving up those streets.

Not to be outdone, Ownboard muscles in with boards that toe the line between power and practicality. They might not have all the flashiness of their competitors, but where they shine is in their robust build and consistent performance. It’s about solid rides and satisfied riders with Ownboard, striking a balance that keeps them high on the list for anyone wanting to get their e-skate game on point without going broke.

Last but not skidding out, Exway slides into the picture with a vibe that screams ‘future’. With a focus on smart tech, their boards feel like they have PhDs in radness. Think smooth acceleration curves and app integration that lets riders dial in their ride just how they like it. Exway isn’t just in the game; they’re playing 4D chess with their techy twists.

This charge into the e-skateboard market’s middle ground by these brands isn’t just a casual ride, it’s a full-on race where only the best value for money survives. And while range, power, and all that jazz are important, these brands prove that you don’t need the biggest bankroll to roll out on a quality electric skateboard that’s all about that sweet, smooth glide.

So, when the pavement calls and the need for speed kicks in, consider these champions of the mid-range market. They’re not just creating boards; they’re crafting experiences where the wind feels wilder, and the streets stretch out like a personal playground.

Whether it’s commuting, carving, or just casual cruising, these e-skateboard brands are the trusty steeds of the urban road warriors, making sure the ride is nothing short of electric. No pun intended… well, maybe a little.

Image of an electric skateboard, showcasing its sleek design and integrated batteries.

Performance and Speed

When exploring the world of mid-range e-skateboards, there are vital aspects beyond the usual specs that really shape the performance you’ll get from your board. Even within the mid-range bracket, skaters will find a spectrum of experiences based on several factors that can influence the ride. Understanding these nuances is key to picking the board that’s right for you.

Ride Experience

The overall ride experience involves how the board feels under your feet during different skating scenarios. Mid-range e-skateboards can vary significantly in how they handle smooth surfaces compared to rougher terrain. Some boast a stiffer deck for stability at high speeds, while others offer more flex, which can absorb the bumps for a comfortable cruise through city streets. The way a board turns and carves also falls under this category, related to the quality of trucks and bushings used.

Weight and Portability

E-skateboard weights can vary, and this can affect both the portability and the performance of the skateboard. Heavier boards might be more challenging to carry, but could provide a more stable ride, whereas lighter boards are easier to transport but might be more sensitive to variations in the road.

Weight Capacity

Different models offer different weight limits. Keep in mind that exceeding the weight limit on a board can reduce its overall performance, including reducing top speeds and making acceleration more sluggish. On the flip side, lighter riders may enjoy more responsive acceleration and deceleration, along with potentially greater range.

Hill Climbing Ability

Not all mid-range e-skateboards are equal when it comes to ascending hills. Some boards struggle with inclines that others can tackle with ease. This capability often depends on both motor power and torque. So, pay attention to not just how many watts a motor has, but also how the board handles inclines during a test ride if possible.


The level of water resistance in an electric skateboard plays a role in performance, especially for those living in areas prone to wet weather. Some mid-range e-skateboards provide better water resistance than others, which means they’ll fare better on damp roads without major damage to the electronics.

Customer Support and Warranty

Support services and warranty might not seem like performance features, but the confidence in knowing that a brand stands behind their product with helpful customer service and a solid warranty could influence how hard you can push your e-skateboard. A good warranty may suggest that the board is built to last, designed to withstand the ins and outs of regular use.

Each of these areas reflects on the e-skateboard’s performance in day-to-day use. While specifications on paper provide a good starting point, often the true character of an e-skateboard reveals itself only once you step on the deck and go for a ride. Avid riders should consider the entire gamut of these factors when picking the e-skateboard that suits their particular style and needs. After all, a skateboard is more than just its range and power; it’s about the joy and freedom it brings when you’re zipping through the streets on your personal set of motorized wheels.

Image of different mid-range e-skateboards showcasing their various designs and features for someone that is visually impaired

Battery Life and Range

Understanding Electric Skateboard Battery Life and Range

How Far Can They Go on a Single Charge?

Discovering the ins and outs of electric skateboards isn’t just about speed and style; it’s also about understanding how long you can ride before needing a recharge. Battery life and range are key; they determine how far an electric skateboard can go on a single charge. Think of it as fuel for your car, but for your board. Different models offer different ranges, usually from 5 to 20 miles, depending on the battery’s capacity.

Battery Types Matter

The heart of an electric skateboard’s range lies in the type of battery it uses. Most boards are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which strike a good balance between weight, performance, and charge time. The capacity of the battery, measured in watt-hours (Wh), will directly affect how long it can support the ride. More juice equals more miles! It’s kind of like having a bigger gas tank.

What Affects Battery Life?

Several factors can influence how long a battery keeps you cruising. Rider weight, for example, can affect it a lot—a lighter rider will generally get more miles out of a board. Terrain also plays a role. Flat, smooth surfaces are like a walk in the park for skateboards, while a hill might be like climbing a mountain. Battery life can take a hit on inclines.

Also, just like with driving a car, the way someone rides can impact the range. Going full throttle all the time or constantly stopping and starting will drain the battery faster. And guess what? Even temperature can play a role. Batteries don’t really like extreme cold or heat, so moderate temps are best for a long ride.

Charging Times and Battery Life

No one likes to wait, right? When it comes to charging, faster isn’t always better for longevity. Slow and steady often wins the race, meaning a slower charge can help the battery last longer overall. Charging times can vary from model to model, with some taking as little as an hour while others may need a few hours to get all charged up.

Maintaining Battery Health

Like with anything, taking good care of the battery will keep it going strong. Not using the skateboard for a while? It’s best to store the battery half-charged. And if you’re taking a break from riding during winter, keeping the battery somewhere cool and dry will help it last longer.

Looking Out for the Future

Technology is always changing, and batteries are no exception. The cool thing about electric skateboards is that many brands are continuously working on ways to improve battery life and reduce charging time without hiking up prices.

Sure, having fun on an electric skateboard is important, but knowing about battery life and range makes that fun last longer. Next time you hit the streets, remember this: the adventure is in the journey, and a charged battery is your ticket to ride.

A person riding an electric skateboard with a long battery life, symbolizing the information discussed in the article.

Value for Money

When it comes to picking the perfect electric skateboard, it’s much like choosing a good buddy. The right one can make any journey fun, reliable, and downright exciting! Mid-range electric skateboards have soared in popularity, striking a tempting balance between high-end features and wallet-friendly prices. But are they worth the investment? Well, that’s where we dive in, wheels first!

Imagine carving down the street with the breeze rushing past your face. It’s not just fun; it’s downright futuristic. Mid-range electric skateboards bring some of this sci-fi satisfaction to reality. Whether commuting or cruising for pleasure, the versatility they offer is hard to overlook.

Flexibility is the name of the game with these mid-tier boards. We’ve covered the basics like range, power, and build, but what about personalization? Yup, many mid-range boards offer a variety of settings. Speed modes cater to novices and speed demons alike, making it super convenient to customize your ride. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a gadget that lets you play with its settings?

Durability is also something to shout about. Mid-range boards are designed to handle the wear and tear of everyday use. Strong materials are a norm, ensuring that your board isn’t just a one-hit-wonder but a lasting companion. The ability to upgrade components on these boards, such as replacing batteries or wheels, further extends their lifespan and improves the overall investment value.

Without bogging down in too much jargon, let’s talk about the savvy tech that’s sometimes packed into these boards. We’re looking at regenerative braking systems that help charge the battery as you brake, getting extra juice out of your rides. Neat, right?

When cruising around the neighborhood or hopping off the sidewalk, size does matter – not too bulky, but not a puny plank either. Mid-range boards come in various sizes, offering a solid middle ground that won’t make carrying them feel like an upper-body workout.

And you might be thinking, what about the days when the skies turn gray, and the pavement gets wet? Good news! Many mid-range boards now come with some degree of water-resistance. Now, we’re not saying you should take your board for a swim, but getting caught in a surprise downpour shouldn’t be the end of the world.

Perhaps one of the sweetest features of mid-range electric skateboards is their community and support networks. You’ll find forums, customer service, and fellow enthusiasts ready to share tips, tricks, and advice. Need to troubleshoot an issue? Chances are, someone’s been there, done that, and posted a tutorial about it.

In the vast skate park that is life, mid-range electric skateboards offer a thrilling ride, blending practicality and pleasure without breaking the bank. So for anyone inching towards this electrifying hobby, rest assured that these boards aren’t just gadgets; they’re gateways to a community, a lifestyle, and possibly, one of the most enjoyable rides of your life.

Illustration of an electric skateboard with red wheels and a person riding it.

Navigating the mid-range electric skateboard market can be as exhilarating as riding one. These boards strike a compelling balance between cost-effectiveness and performance, offering enthusiasts a taste of high-end features without the daunting price tag. As we have journeyed through the plethora of options, dissecting performance metrics, battery life, and value assessments, the goal has been to arm you with the knowledge to make a selection that offers the most bang for your buck. A well-informed choice in this vibrant and evolving sector can lead to countless hours of joy and a newfound appreciation for the blend of technology and adventure that is electric skateboarding.

Matt Powell