Upgrade Your Skateboard: Electric Customization Features

By Matt Powell •  Updated: 02/14/24 •  8 min read

From surfers and skaters seeking the thrill of riding the waves and streets, to eco-conscious commuters searching for a sustainable mode of transportation, electric skateboards have become a popular choice among a wide range of enthusiasts. The ability to personalize an electric skateboard, adds a dimension of creativity and self-expression to the mix, making it much more than a simple means of mobility. The selection of an electric skateboard requires understanding varying types, and consideration of important features such as motor power, battery life, deck size and so on, that suit your style and needs. Beyond making the right selection, personalizing your ride includes exploring popular skateboard customization options you can implement to match your style. However, making your ride uniquely yours also includes understanding and implementing safety measures and maintenance tips to ensure its longevity.

Selection of Electric Skateboard

Without a doubt, the explosive rise in the popularity of electric skateboards has transformed the way people view commuting and adventuring alike. It’s more than just a hobby—it’s a lifestyle! And the thrill is not just about the ride, it’s also about customizing the board to match your unique specifications. So, what features should you look for when choosing a customized electric skateboard? Let’s roll into that discussion right away!


First and foremost, let’s look at the deck. An ideal deck should not only strike a balance between stiffness and flex but also provide sufficient foot space. A stiffer deck gives more control at higher speeds, whereas a more flexible deck absorbs road vibrations, offering a smoother ride. Foot space should be ample enough to allow riders to adjust their stance comfortably during the ride.

Motor: Hub vs. Belt

The motor is another critical element to dwell on when picking a skateboard. Primarily, electric skateboards use either hub motors or belt-driven motors. Hub motors are more durable, have less moving parts and are generally quieter. On the other hand, belt-driven motors offer better torque and acceleration.

Battery Life & Range

Reliability is key when it comes to electric skateboards. You don’t want a board that conks out after a short spin around the block! Boards with top range, from 7 to 20 miles per charge, paired with a fast and efficient charging system, will ensure you squeeze the most fun out of your board.

Speed & Control

A customizable electric skateboard with different speed levels is also a great asset for beginners to experienced riders. Being able to adjust your ride’s speed gives you control and comfort, especially when navigating through traffic or executing complex maneuvers.


One cannot talk about electric skateboards and overlook the wheels. Bigger wheels handle bumps and obstacles better than smaller wheels, but they also require more power. Soft wheels provide a smoother ride, while hard wheels offer better sliding capabilities. Depending on your riding style and the surfaces you’ll ride on, you’ll want to weigh the best options.


While this might seem trivial, the weight of an electric skateboard is significant when mobility comes into play. A lighter board is easy to carry around when not in use, especially for urban commuters. However, ensure that the lightness does not compromise the board’s build quality and durability.


Last but definitely not least, a good electric skateboard should come with a reliable remote control. It should have robust connectivity, intuitive controls, and the ability to provide critical information such as speed, battery life, and range.

By keeping an eye out for these features when choosing a customizable electric skateboard, you are guaranteed to find a board that not only matches your personality and riding style, but also gives you an unforgettable riding experience! Ride on, fellow skateboard enthusiasts.

Image showing the various features of a customizable electric skateboard, including the deck, motor, battery life, speed control, wheels, weight, and connectivity.

Customization Options

It’s More Than Just A Ride: Top Customizations For Your Electric Skateboard

Many hobbyists and enthusiasts love the thrill and speed of electric skateboarding. But beyond that, building an ideal electric skateboard is a fun, satisfying project, allowing riders to fully personalize their experience. This article will delve into some of the most popular customization options you might consider for your electric skateboard.

  1. Trucks: Opting for adjustable trucks can make a world of difference in your ride. They provide you the flexibility to modify the steering sensitivity according to the terrain and your riding style.
  2. Griptape: This accessory offers an extra level of customization, with a broad array of designs, colors, and textures to choose from. It not only makes your board look cool but also enhances grip and control.
  3. Bushings: These are tiny rubber pieces positioned within the trucks that affect your skateboard’s turn radius. By customizing your bushings, you can determine how easy or difficult it is to initiate turns, providing an extra measure of control.
  4. Brakes: With a selection between mechanical and electronic brakes, you can decide whether you’d like the traditional feel or the convenience of an electronic system.
  5. Lighting: Attachable LED lights or underglow are popular choices that not only improve visibility during night rides but also add an aesthetic touch to your skateboard.
  6. Deck Styles: Besides their standard form, decks are available in several styles such as symmetrical, directional, and wheel cut-outs, which all serve different purposes and cater to diverse riding preferences.
  7. Protective Accessories: Safety is paramount for every rider, not only for themselves but for their equipment too. Protective accessories like nose guards, tail guards, and rail guards can be added.
  8. All-weather wheels: For those that ride in varying conditions, there are all-weather wheels designed to handle wet, snowy, or rough terrain better.
  9. Custom Artwork: Lastly, nothing speaks more about your personality than your skateboard’s design. Many businesses offer customized artwork or vinyl wraps for your skateboard, allowing you to proudly display your style.

Remember, customizing your electric skateboard is not just about enhancing its performance, but also about imbuing it with your unique personal flair. With these top customization tips, you’re all set for an exciting, individualized skateboarding journey. Skate on!

An image showing a customized electric skateboard with various accessories and artwork, reflecting the personal style and preferences of the rider.

Safety Measures & Maintenance

Ensuring Safety and Proper Maintenance of Your Customized Electric Skateboard

Riding a customized electric skateboard is an exhilarating experience, but it’s equally important to maintain it to ensure a safe ride every time. Let’s dig into the microscopic details of maintaining this spectacle of a ride!

Starting with something as foundational as Cleanliness. It’s not just next to godliness here, it’s a step towards optimum functionality. Dirt, grime, and small stones can hinder your ride and damage your board. Develop a routine of wiping down your board after every ride and giving it a deep cleaning weekly, depending on usage.

Next, arguably one of the most overlooked aspects of a skateboard, Bearings. Ensuring your bearings are clean and properly lubricated can enhance your ride and prolong the shelf-life of your board. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding lubrication and always use a recommended bearing cleaner.

Tightening the Screws is another aspect often overlooked. The constant vibration of your board can cause screws to loosen over time. By periodically checking and tightening screws, you help maintain the structural integrity of your skateboard, which in turn enhances your safety.

Moving on to Battery Care, which is crucial for electric skateboards. Always recharge the battery when it’s almost fully drained. Avoid charging the battery right after a ride, as the inevitable temperature rise could affect its performance.

Cable Management is just as important to your safety. Make sure they are securely run and fastened. Additionally, inspect and replace any worn-out cables immediately to avoid accidents and interruptions in your ride.

Continuing this journey of safety and care, let’s talk about maintaining the Remote. The remote control is your key to controlling your ride, so handle with care. Keep it clean and free from any physical damage. Check for connectivity issues regularly and troubleshoot as necessary.

When discussing Damping Devices, which include riser pads and rubber shock pads, know that they reduce the vibration caused by rough surfaces and provide better control over the board. Ensure they are in good working condition by inspecting them periodically.

Mentioning Bearing Spacers, which ensure the wheels roll smoothly and prevent unnecessary wear and tear, might appear trivial but is paramount. Check that they are intact and replace if found damaged.

And finally, don’t forget the importance of Safety Gear. No matter how well you maintain your board, riding without a helmet and other necessary safety gear is an open invitation to injury. Always gear up before venturing out on your electric skateboard.

Here’s to lofty rides on your well-maintained, safe, customized electric skateboard! Stay safe, ride responsibly!

Image of a well-maintained customized electric skateboard ready for a safe ride.

Photo by ahmdpajr on Unsplash

Making your skateboard uniquely yours extends beyond simple aesthetic customization. It is about enhancing performance, longevity and safety in alignment with your lifestyle and usage. Be it tweaking battery life, upgrading wheels for rough terrains, or applying cool decals and LED lights for a ride that truly reflects you, each aspect of customization contributes to a more personalized experience. Remember, a custom skateboard not only gives you the joy of a tailored ride but also the ability to stand out from the crowd while ensuring optimal safety and performance. So, go ahead and transform your electric skateboard into a ride that is uniquely you, and embrace the thrill it brings on every journey.

Matt Powell