Racing 101: Basics on How to Race RC Cars

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The radio-controlled car driving hobby is extremely fun and has a lot of nuances to cover. If you’ve been driving RC cars for a while, you might want to get into RC car racing.

RC racing is one of the most exciting things to do for an RC car enthusiast. However, hitting the track for the first time can be intimidating and nerve-racking for new drivers. 

When you first get into RC car racing, you might have a lot of questions regarding what it is, how you do it, what is involved in it, what you need to do, and what you need to have.

To make things simpler and much less intimidating for you, we have come up with a simple guide helping you understand how you can get into RC car racing. 

What is RC Car Racing? 

RC car racing is a newly emerging sport in the world of radio-controlled cars. RC car racing is very similar to traditional F1 car racing.

The only difference is that the cars and the track are small, and the drivers are not in the cars but outside, controlling their cars with their remote. 

RC car racing grew so much popularity as quickly as the cars run on the track. It seems that only with a push of a button, the activity gained massive popularity and became recognized as a sport. 


The sport follows all the etiquette of traditional F1 car racing. This means that all the RC cars will have to go under a rigorous quality check before the race begins. Moreover, the cars will also be checked for some boosts or other means of cheating.

All the cars are supposed to run simultaneously on the same track, allowing none of them an unfair advantage. All the controllers will check their cars for any defects and can examine the track for any racing cues they might need. 


Below are some characteristics of an RC car racing track. 

Step-By-Step Guide on Participating in an RC Car Race

If you have made up your mind and will like to participate in an RC car race event, you will need a procedural guide. This section will give you all the information you need about participating in an RC car race. 

Finding a Suitable Race 

RC car racing is a considerably new sport. Therefore, looking for the right events might be a little frustrating. The few numbers of events across the world make it difficult for new racers to find the right RC car race they want to participate in. However, with the right resources, anything is possible. 

The best way to navigate through the several worldwide RC car racing events is by exploring the Internet and looking for a resourceful website. The one we like the most is

Through the above website, you can find a plethora of events waiting for you to participate in them. Some of the most common types of RC car race events are:

You can explore the category and the event you like the most and proceed to participate. The best thing about RC Car Events is that they are divided into simple categories, making it simple for you to choose the one you like the most according to your likings.

Applying to Participate 

Every event has a different procedure to apply for participation. However, almost every event requires you to go through certain guidelines and fill out a participation form. Below are the details required to be filled in in a MIP RC Car Racing Event’s participation form. 

Requirements to Participate in an RC Car Event

Below are a few things you necessarily need to have before participating in any RC Car Race event. 

Some Basic Rules and Regulations

Naturally, all events have different rules and regulations. However, below are some of the most common and general rules applied to all RC Car Races. 

5 Useful Tips for RC Car Racing 

If you are a first-time RC Car Racer, you must be nervous about how you will compete and race in an event. To make things simple for you, we have listed some simple tips and tricks allowing you the feel more confident for your first race. 

Visit the Track 

You are at a major advantage if you are going to compete at a local track. It is best to visit the track before the race to get to know some of the following things:

Never Forget Your Tools

While you’re racing rough on a track, you never know what you’ll need to get your car going faster. We do not recommend you to use the Allen wrenches and other tools that come with the car kit.

They might work dine for hobby driving but will give out during a professional race. Get yourself a decent set of tools to get the most fun and win out of your race. 

You cannot win a race if you cannot finish it. Therefore, make sure that your car is well maintained and inspected. 

Inspect Your Car in Advance

Many racers forget the importance of inspecting their RC car right before the race. It is important to make sure that none of the parts of your RC car are coming loose or getting leaky. Such things will severely impair your car’s ability to race. 

You should also check the connection between the car and the controller and the controller itself. Make sure that there’s enough battery and the connection is strong to avoid massive mistakes on the tracks. 

Make it Through Your First Lap

Negate the place you’re at during your first lap. Do not crash on the first lap even if you’re in the last place. In case your car crashes in the very first lap, no Marshall will appear to turn your car. Therefore, you will inevitably come last. 

Staying relaxed and calm throughout the race is very important. Do not push your car too hard, and do not overdrive to avoid crashing continuously. 

Do Not Rush

Even when you’re towards the end of the race, do not try to make your go over its limit. Try to speed in a laid-back manner. As the race will progress, many people will end up wanting to overtake each other and collide or jump over and cause wrecks. You can simply get past the havoc by gliding through easily. 

Current RC Car Racing Events 

Some of the popular RC Car Events you can participate in are in the following table:

2021 Palmetto Classic03/12/21 – 03/14/21Myrtle Beach, SC, USMore Information
1st Annual Hoosier Peach Classic06/25/21 – 06/26/21Terre Haute, IN, USMore Information
Campbelltown Hobbies Ryde Race Meet #203/14/21 – 03/14/21North Ryde, New South Wales, AustraliaMore Information
2md Annual Extreme/Rocket Challenge03/26/21 – 03/27/21Muscatine, IS, USMore Information
Brick House Blast03/27/21 – 03/28/21Nampa, ID, USMore Information
Mayhem 500 Team Endurance Race03/28/21 – 03/28/21Grandville, MI, USMore Information

Summing Up 

RC Car Racing is extremely fun yet very intimidating for first-time drivers. However, it is an experience worth getting. There are several RC Car Events you can participate in worldwide. Therefore, make sure you choose the event you like the most and get the most out of your RC Car. 

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