A Beginner’s Guide To RC Bashing

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RC cars are a favorite pastime among children and adults alike. It’s the whole rush of driving fast, with little risk. Every RC car enthusiast has thought about pushing their cars to their limits to see how fast, how far, and how much they can handle. 

What if I told you there was a name for it? Well, RC bashing might just become your new favorite hobby! 

RC bashing or RC car bashing is driving around your RC car without the rules and regulations. There are no race tracks or constraints to work around. It is all about being carefree and fun. 

Read on to learn more about RC bashing!

What is RC Bashing?

Every RC car enthusiast has been involved in RC bashing. If you’re new to this world, then you’re probably extremely confused. Well, let’s clear it out for you! 

RC bashing is when you test the limits of your car. You’re driving it around with no rules, no regulations, and no limits. You can go as fast, slow, high, or low as you’d like. 

It doesn’t always have to be about speed either, it could also just mean taking your car off the track. There are a few reasons why you might want to participate in RC bashing. For one, it is very fun. 

Being able to test the limits of your new RC truck is always thrilling. During official racing, there isn’t a proper chance to put every feature of the car into use. 

It isn’t always about crashing the car or not caring where it lands, but RC bashing can point to simple races in a place off the track. Whether it be with a few friends or alone, RC bashing happens off the track with no rules to hold you back. 

Bashing vs. Racing

There isn’t a significant difference between bashing and racing. They are essentially the same hobby. The different terms only help differentiate between legitimate races and ones had for fun. 

To simplify further, racing involves a professional track, rules, regulations, and intent. You aren’t driving the RC car just for fun, rather win. During a race, you’re avoiding crashing, wrecking, or sustaining any damage to the car itself. 

This isn’t to say that bashing involves destroying your precious RC car with intent, rather not caring if you do crash. 

Think of the last time you drove your RC with no thoughts of where it would land when you drove for fun. Bashing is exactly like that. There are no rules to follow or winners to be announced (unless you want one). 

RC bashing isn’t completely different from racing, either. You can be a racer while still being a basher; the two are not mutually exclusive. 

Bashing is simply the more relaxed version of racing that allows a player to fully experience their RC car! 

Best Places to RC Bash

RC bashing may be fun to you, but local laws and some residents may disagree with you. While RC bashing can take place just about anywhere, particular spots are better. 

Unlike on the streets, you won’t have to worry about safety or laws impeding your bashing.

Skate Park 

What better place to race around your RC car than the skate park! With all the ramps, quarter-pipes, vertical sections, and more, you have the ideal track for bashing. 

Take lots of spare parts, because you’re going to be mastering your stunt driving whether you like it or not. 

Industrial Parking Lots

Parking lots are great for RC bashing. Not only is it a nice asphalt surface, but there is often enough space to test out high-speeds with ease. 

You won’t have to worry about incoming cars or a lack of space. The industrial-sized parking lots offer over 500 feet of prime RC bashing real estate. 

ATV Trails 

ATVs and dirt bikes are a popular form of entertainment. They require special dirt trails and land that is riddled with turns, climbs, and jumps. If you have a larger RC truck like the Traxxas Bigfoot, it is perfect for ATV trails. 

The Beach

If you’re looking to RC bash with a view, then the beach is your best bet. Sand dunes and the added challenge of driving in the sand along with the views make the effort worth it. If you’re interested, you can get some great pictures of your RC truck while you’re there! 

Reservoir Dams 

This may sound like an odd spot, but if you have a spillway reservoir that you can access, it is a brilliant space for RC bashing. You’ll find insanely large spaces with gradual slopes and large walls that are any RC basher’s dream. 

Features of an RC Bashing Truck 

If you use any old RC car for bashing, you’ll probably end up with a pile of debris. RC bashing requires cars to be more than just sturdy, so when you’re looking for your next car, look for these features! 

Battery Life 

You can’t have a bashing car without some battery life. If your car seems to be running out of battery life quickly, then using it for bashing isn’t the greatest idea. 

Ideally, the car should run on a Ni-Mh battery or a Li-Mh battery. Either of these batteries provides great speeds and a smooth run. 

On average, RC truck batteries last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. With a more expensive battery, you might get about 30 to 40 minutes of use. 

The higher the mAh number (3300, 4000, 5000, etc.) the longer the car will run. So, when looking at the battery, getting a higher mAH battery 


If your RC car can’t go fast enough, then what’s the point. Whether it is racing or bashing, you need speed. Bashing is all about pushing limits, and incredible speeds are a huge part of those limits. Look for high-speed RC cars with great control. 

Depending on the car, you can choose your speed. Don’t try to get the car to do more than it can, you’ll end up with a broken RC car. 

One of the best RC cars, if you’re a speed head, is the Altair Power Pro 4X4 All-Terrain RC Truck. With the highest speed being 30mph, you can’t go wrong. 


RC bashing cars need to be durable. Without durability, the RC car will end up in pieces after each run. Even if you’re not accidentally crashing it into poles. 

The best way to look for durability is to look at the reviews. Make sure the reviews are a resounding yes before buying an RC car for bashing. 

You can look for reviews on your local RC bashing group, local forums, and Reddit. If you’re looking for more official spaces, RC car blogs and sites such as RCtalk.com are a great place to start a discussion and get the right reviews. 

Through these sites, we have found that RC cars like the Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler and the Traxxas Bigfoot have shown themselves to be durable and reliable. They’re a great option for RC bashing! 

Best Cars For RC Bashing

You can’t just use any old RC car for RC bashing. The best bashing experience comes with the best RC cars. So, if you’re invested in having the best experience, here are some of the best cars for RC bashing! 

Traxxas Slash 

There are several benefits to the Traxxas Slash. The main one being its reputation. Coming from a lineage of well-made, reputable RC cars, the Traxxas Slash is one of the best short-course cars for bashing on the market right now. 

Most enthusiasts would call it virtually indestructible. While this isn’t entirely true, it is an extremely sturdy car. This is an important factor for any RC car, especially when you’re using it for bashing! 


Arrma Senton 

Power, power, and more power are what the Arrma Senton offers its users. The light-framed car is full of power and great for most situations. Whether on-road or off-road, the Armma Senton is incredible for most climates, environments, and best of all – bashing! 


Losi Tenacity TT Pro 

The Losi Tenacity TT Pro is the most flexible and easy car you will find. This RC car has a powerful brushless motor and a 4WD platform. While it is a little expensive, you won’t find it better if you’re someone who loves to go off the road. 


Team Losi ⅛ 8IEGHT

When looking for the right car, you’re going to come across this Team Losi model quite a few times. It is a favorite among the RC bashing community for several reasons, the most important being its quality. Anybody who’s going into bashing needs to have a car that can withstand the tough roads and make it out alive. 

There’s no point in emptying your wallet for a car that is going to require more maintenance than driving time. That is why Team Losi is one of the best on the market. It has all the essential features without the exorbitant price tag! 

However, keep in mind that this is a nitro car. Nitro cars generally require more upkeep than their electric counterparts. So, this car may not break the bank, but it does require some extra love, care, and maintenance.


Redcat Racing Piranha-XTR-10 

The Redcat Racing Piranha is a great model for those who are getting into RC cars or bashing. As a beginner, you probably aren’t looking to invest too much of your money into a car but still want the whole experience. The Redact Racing Piranha is the best car for that. 

While the car is affordable, it isn’t the best on the market. It does well on rough roads and can handle quite a bit of roughing up, but it isn’t the best overall. It still has a decent ground clearance and drives, but you might be a little underwhelmed if you’re an experienced racer or basher! 


Final Thoughts on RC Car Bashing

RC bashing is about more than just crashing your new RC car; it is about having fun and enjoying your RC car. It is an easy, relaxing, and fun way to get into the racing bit of RC cars. So, get bashing today! 

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