What does Bashing Mean in the RC Racing Community?

By Josh •  Updated: 03/05/21 •  7 min read

If you like RC racing then you must have heard the term “Bashing” at least once. It’s not uncommon to be unfamiliar with the term if you are new to the RC community. So, what is RC bashing?

Within the RC community there exists a form of racing called RC bashing. This is basically a form of racing without any rules and regulations and allows you to make jumps and worry less about crashing. This allows for you to push the limits without the side effects.

Well, that’s just the gist of it. I’m sure this sounds a bit confusing but I promise to make it much clearer to you. In this article, I’ll talk about bashing in a bit more detail and also recommend some great RC cars for bashing.

So keep on reading for a better comprehension of RC culture. 

RC Bashing 101

People engage in RC bashing, usually for entertainment purposes. Every RC car owner or user was a basher at one point, though some would claim they’ve never bashed. If racers drive impromptu without any instructions and rules, it means that they’ve been bashing.

If you drive your RC car and want to find out how far you can go, that would be bashing. Also, if you challenge your friends to see who can go faster in their RC cars, that’s also bashing.

Bashing isn’t anything serious, and everything goes. If you’re bashing, it is not about your skill level, and there won’t be a strict panel of judges who will declare you a winner. As you’ll be the ace of your game, you won’t need to play it by the books either.

Making high jumps and wrecking your car is alright if you want to when it comes to bashing. Sometimes, you and your friend may engage in a competition, but nothing too strict, and it should always be friendly because winning is not what bashing is about.

It’s about how much fun you can have while driving your RC car and finding out all you can do with it. It won’t involve transponders, corner marshalling, or actual truck barriers. If you’ve raced in your RC car just for fun, it means you’ve bashed.

Factors to Consider While Choosing an RC basher

There are a few key factors you should consider while you choose an RC basher. As you’ll be putting the car through severe rugged conditions, you should be sure that the vehicle can perform well even under stressful situations.

A durable basher should handle every kind of terrain without being damaged.

They should also be able to go over jumps and swerve around obstacles without any issue. Top speed is not a fundamental requirement of an RC car, but it should still go fast when it needs to.

As there are several types of RCC vehicles, you should consider these key features while choosing one.

As you’re going to throw your car around under and over several obstacles, you’ll need to get one that is very sturdy and can withstand rough handling. The internals should have protection against such conditions.

Besides, you can also consider the price of the RC basher and its usability. You’ll want to assess your needs and know what experience you want from your RC basher and make your choice.

RC bashers vary in the basis of battery, terrain, and engine. So, when choosing what basher, you’ll buy, you should also consider those factors.

Top Choices for RC Car Bashing

If you want to experience bashing or want to get your hands on an RC car for fun and you’re wondering what is the best RC car for bashing, the options I’ve mentioned below are excellent choices.

Traxxas Slash

On the market, the Traxxas Slash is the best option available. It’s very famous for its reliability and sturdy structure. Traxxas, as a manufacturing company, undoubtedly lives up to its reputation. This truck is very close to being “indestructible,” and many users deem it the best truck for bashing.

The best deal with the Traxxas Slash is that it’s excellent for newbies in usability and price. It’ll give you a short course experience, which is very handy for beginners. It’s an award winner in a racecar that will provide you with one of the best high-flying off-the-road action.

Besides, the engine engines throttle fully with its 900 plus horsepower. You can bring racing in your backyard with this model. Everyone loves the Traxxas slash, so if you’re looking for a budget RC car, you can consider getting this one.

Highlighted Features:

Arrma Senton

If you want the dual feature of both on and off-road performance, the Arrma Senton is the best choice for you. It has a very light, wear-resistant frame with an excellent motor.

The 4×4 capability of this RC car makes it a favorite of every user it has, and it’s also one of the best available models.

This model will also provide you with a short course experience. It has an ingenious design for its power, differential module, and electronics.

All the parts are easily accessible if you want to remove them for maintenance. This RC model is exceptionally durable and accessible, with delighted customers.

Highlighted Features:

Losi Tenacity TT Pro

This RC basher is flexible and has effortless maneuverability. It also comes with a brushless motor system. It’s also an excellent choice if you don’t often go on pavements. It is a bit more expensive than the other models I have mentioned earlier, but it may be worth the price for you.

The Tenacity TT Pro has aluminum features and metric hardware packages that fierce competition in the market. Some parts, like the turnbuckles and sway bars, are all adjustable, which will push this model to its limits. It has a powerful motor with waterproof electronics and an efficient radio system.

Highlighted Features:

If you’re looking for an affordable option with all the necessary features, the Traxxas Slash is the best RC car for you.

The other models are excellent, but the Traxxas Slash will guarantee you power with performance and a fantastic ride.

Final Thoughts on What is RC Bashing

RC bashing is very fun and beginner-friendly. It’s a very entertaining sport if you want to turn your backyard into smashing terrain.

I hope now you have an idea of what is RC bashing and what is the best car for RC bashing after reading this article.

Though it can be challenging to find the best truck for bashing, consider the range of features an RC truck will offer you and try making the best choice. 

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